Post-game, post-mortem: Indiana, THE SHRUG EDITION

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I went to Michigan for undergrad but am from Wisconsin, so every drive home from school was a six-hour slog through four states and Chicago traffic. Indiana was always the most boring stretch. I’d drive through Gary and around nondescript suburbs before hitting the bridge into Chicago and feeling happy that I’d made it to the final stretch, that last few hundred miles before the oasis […]

I’m not freaking out. Are you freaking out? NOBODY FREAK OUT.

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Sunday morning in my house typically goes something like this: I read the New York Times, my husband Brandon makes coffee and then descends into the internet rabbit hole of Michigan football post-game analysis, sometimes fighting with people  before eventually giving up and playing video games. This morning, after yesterday’s stupid Indiana game, he spent roughly two hours researching weather conditions and compiling a spreadsheet […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Michigan State, THE LITTLE BROTHER EDITION

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Look, before I begin, I want to apologize for the theme of this week’s recap. I’m not proud of it. My husband is not proud of it. Derek, for whatever reason, seems fine with it, but probably even he is not fine with it. There are lots of reason why it’s kind of cringe-y, including: it’s super trolly; we have not been particularly big-brother-like in […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Rutgers, JERSEY SHORE EDITION

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Back when the Big Ten expanded for the second time (for reasons that, admittedly, never had a damn thing to do with football), we were all like “…Maryland and Rutgers?” Then Michigan proceeded to lose. To Maryland. And to Rutgers. …Yeeeeah. For the first 8ish minutes of this year’s Rutgers game, that loss was pretty much all the announcers talked about. And then, suddenly, they […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Wisconsin, CHEESE EDITION

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It is my fervent hope that someday, I will complete one of these posts in a timely fashion. Today is not that day. I shall spend 2.4 seconds feeling bad about that and then I’mma shake it off and dive right into this week’s recap. The opponent: Wisconsin. The theme: CHEESE. There is a zero percent chance I get through this thing without eating a […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Penn State, LION EDITION

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I meeeean, okay. Michigan might be legitimately good, though it’s still hard to tell for sure, since Penn State is legitimately bad. They’re also, in my opinion, the black eye of the Big Ten right now – an accomplishment, since we’re also blessed with Rutgers – so it’s not much fun to pummel them. (Though it is, of course, more fun than losing to them.) In an effort […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Central Florida, BEVERAGE EDITION

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Give or take a few points (math is hard and dumb), Michigan’s offense over the last two games has basically scored one point per minute. It’s math I can get behind, I guess. Other math I can get behind: 2-0, no. 4, and a game so boring I am pretty sure it lasted for 12 hours. It’s still the best kind of boredom, though. The […]

Post-game, post-mortem: Hawaii (Or, “A luOW instead of a luau, AMIRITE”)

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Note: Sincere apologies that I am not posting this until now, when everyone has already moved on from the Hawaii game. Three-day weekends are very hard on my soul and my liver. To recap, since it’s four days later and no one cares or remembers: Michigan played Hawaii. If you’re Hawaii, that went kind of like this. Even for me, the ever-wary Michigan fan with zero […]

serious musings on QBs and time travel

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Guys it’s game week. GAME WEEK! In honor of The Return of Michigan Football, I present to you a mystery of sorts. I first became aware of said mystery on Friday, when Angelique Chengelis, who covers Michigan for the Detroit News, tweeted this picture of Wilton Speight addressing the media.   Speight meeting media — angelique (@chengelis) August 26, 2016 If it is not […]

hello from the other side (an intro post)

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Hello, TBHR readers! I’m Kate, and I’ll be here this season recapping Michigan games for you in a mostly ridiculous fashion.   You may know me as “that girl on Twitter who likes capslock” or “that person who met her husband on” (Yeah, that happened.) This season, though, you will mostly know me as “that one person in the fandom who has no expectations for […]