When in Rome: Wolverines heading overseas for spring practice

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Jim Harbaugh is full of excellent ideas that continue to stun the college football nation.

Remember when Jim Harbaugh took his team down to IMG Academy in Florida and everybody freaked out? Well, Harbaugh and Co. came up with a new plan: travel to Italy.

According to MGoBlue.com, the Wolverines are headed to Rome for a “week of education and spring drills.” Outside of the three spring football practices at AS Roma, the Wolverines will experience the city as a whole.

Here’s a statement from the release:

During the trip to Rome, the Wolverines will be immersed in the culture of Italy. The team will visit historic landmarks, spend time with youth at orphanages, and visit deployed U.S. military in the country amongst other team activities. The experience will culminate with a youth clinic, and the team will play a scrimmage that will be open to the Italian public.

Just a week ago, the NCAA passed a rule banning off-campus football practices during vacation periods outside of football season. The ban does not go into effect until August, but you have to wonder how the NCAA feels about this trip.

Just a few years ago, the Michigan Basketball team visited Italy for a 10-day, four-game tour of Rome, Verona, Vicenza, Venice and Lake Como. In addition to the four exhibition games against a few Italian All-Star teams, the Wolverines visited a number of historic landmarks. They also paid a visit to a United States Army base during the trip. Beilein’s boys are probably due for another trip across the ocean in the next couple of years.

Forza Blu!


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