Hoops Preview: Michigan vs. Indiana

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Although tonight’s game isn’t a “must-win” for the Michigan Wolverines, beating Indiana at Crisler comes awfully close. 


Michigan still has a some pieces of the puzzle left to put together, but the Wolverines have looked much better in their last two outings on the court. Tonight, however, might be the most important game of the season because it can set the tone for what is to come.

Michigan’s upcoming stretch could be absolutely brutal — even in a conference where each team seems to have on-and-off nights. They face Indiana at home tonight, Michigan State on the road Sunday, Ohio State at home the following Saturday and rematch with Michigan State at Crisler three days after that. Then the Wolverines get only a half-week break before facing Indiana on the road, and capping the journey off with a trip home to face the Wisconsin Badgers on Feb. 16. That’s A LOT of tough basketball in short amount of time, making tonight’s game key.

Similar to Michigan, Indiana can play very well or very poorly, depending on the night. The fellas on the Go Blue Crew favor the Wolverines tonight, but understand that this game could go either way. Tune in to hear their thoughts on why Michigan should beat Indiana, and how important this victory would be for the Wolverines moving forward.


Hoops Preview: Michigan vs. Indiana

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