The Pros and Cons of Losing Jabrill Peppers to the NFL

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“Mr. Everything” is heading to the NFL, leaving behind a short, yet meaningful legacy at the University of Michigan.

To clarify, there aren’t really many “pros” to losing a dynamic player like Jabrill Peppers, but there are definitely going to be some differences now that he will not be on the field for the Wolverines.



Roster turnover will create competition, and the staff may find the next “Swiss Army Knife” on the team.

Replacing Jabrill Peppers? Easy. Just joking, but in all seriousness you have to trust that Jim Harbaugh, Don Brown and Co. will fill the gaps that Peppers is leaving. Fill them with one player? Maybe not. However, there is no doubt that teams seem to be more successful when they have at least one player who can fill multiple roles on the field. I trust Harbaugh can find another guy to play this role in the future.

Less ignorant, uneducated and negative slander from rival fan bases.

Let’s be honest, this will never end — especially on Twitter — but I think we could all use a break from reading tweets like “How many interceptions does Peppers have?” That grew old, very fast. What opposing fans never seemed to understand was that his ability to be a difference maker extended beyond his stats, and that my friend, will be missed.

We get to watch a young talent develop in the NFL.

Jabrill Peppers’ success, and even position, in the National Football League is yet to be determined. What we do know is that he will absolutely make a difference in some facet of the game. Whether it be big or small, Peppers is simply too dangerous and has too much potential to pass up. He’s going to fit in on any roster in the league. Instant impact? Maybe. Solid career in the NFL? Yes. Peppers is a rare talent, and it will be fun to witness him grow at the next level.



Michigan loses one of the nation’s most dynamic players, causing hysteria in the fanbase.

The Wolverines lose a guy who played just about every position for the team this year. Peppers collected 72 tackles, four sacks and one interception — on defense. He also averaged more than 25 yards on a few handfuls of kickoff returns, and 15+ yards on punt returns, taking one to the house against Colorado. Keep in mind, opponents often did whatever necessary to keep him from touching the ball on special teams. On offense, he totaled 167 yards with three touchdowns on the ground. Although these numbers aren’t mind blowing, he definitely made a big impact on the field. Example? Mark Dantonio calling back-to-back timeouts in 2015, simply because Jabrill Peppers entered the game on offense for the first time.

The Wolverines lose a leader on defense.

Worrying about where Jabrill Peppers was located on the field was a big enough problem for opposing teams. However, his leadership and ability to get the best out of his teammates is what really made him unique. You could possibly find a way to avoid Jabrill Peppers, but chances are one of his teammates was willing and ready to make a big play as well. In 2016, Michigan had one of the best defenses we’ve seen in a long, long time. The Wolverines will lose a lot of guys on the opposite side of the ball, many who will get a chance to play in the NFL, but losing the headlining act will be a tough pill to swallow.

We no longer get to watch one of our favorite players wear the iconic Winged Helmet. 

Jabrill Peppers has a passion for the game that is rare, and his love for Michigan is true. Charles Woodson was his hero growing up, and even though he didn’t win the Heisman Trophy like his idol, it’s obvious who he models his game after. It’s what brought a kid from New Jersey to Ann Arbor. A kid who wanted to be a star for the Maize and Blue. A star that will be missed by Wolverine faithful everywhere.


Thank you for coming to Michigan, Jabrill Peppers. Good luck in the NFL, and as always — Go Blue!


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