Wilton Speight is on the rise and it’s benefiting the Wolverines

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In a matter of months, Wilton Speight went from a major question mark to a serious All-Big Ten quarterback candidate.

As the season rolls on, Wilton Speight keeps firing on all cylinders. The quarterback position was the biggest question mark for the Michigan Wolverines entering the season, but his performance thus far had been phenomenal—even better than many expected, and the nation is taking note.

Speight is a major factor in Michigan’s 9-0 start, and the dude has been ballin’ as of late. He’s currently the Big Ten’s top-rated passer (157.98), and leads the league in yards per attempt (8.9). His yards per attempt come due to the fact that he has connected on the deep ball, something that has been a rarity for Michigan quarterbacks in the last decade. Of course, hitting Darboh, Chesson and McDoom—guys who can turn 5 yards into 50 yards in a jiffy—helps his case as well. Overall, he’s thrown 40 passes for 20 yards or more yards (Yes, that stat leads the B1G as well). I’m impressed, and have a feeling you are too.

A rising Wilton Speight has put Michigan in an even better position to win out, and that continues this weekend at Iowa.


Listen to Devine Intervention discuss the development and significance of Wilton Speight:

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