I’m not freaking out. Are you freaking out? NOBODY FREAK OUT.

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Sunday morning in my house typically goes something like this: I read the New York Times, my husband Brandon makes coffee and then descends into the internet rabbit hole of Michigan football post-game analysis, sometimes fighting with people 


before eventually giving up and playing video games.

This morning, after yesterday’s stupid Indiana game, he spent roughly two hours researching weather conditions and compiling a spreadsheet to be used as a reply to someone else’s comment on a football messaging board. Halfway through this endeavor I suggested that the reply could probably function as a stand-alone post here, and eventually he agreed.

So! Here is a guest post from the one, the only Brandon Wagoner, who encourages you not to freak out about John O’Korn (at least not yet), complete with spreadsheets. Enjoy.

John O’Korn turned in what could only be described as concerning performance yesterday while filling in for Wilton Speight against the Hoosiers. Michigan’s offense outside of the running game was non-existent for large portions of the game, which is not a good recipe for beating the Buckeyes this coming weekend.  So how concerned should we be if Speight is not available next weekend? I’ve decided to take a look at the weather conditions and determine how much of an effect they may have had on O’Korn’s performance by doing a league-wide analysis of the weather conditions for each Big Ten game and the performance of each QB who played, relative to their season average.


(Kate again, just jumping in here to mention once again that he was originally just going to use this as a comment on a message board, k carry on.)

Big Ten QBs turned in some terrible performances overall yesterday, with a notable exception: Wisconsin QBs performed very well overall, despite playing in some of the worst weather conditions. This can probably be chalked up to the fact that they barely needed to pass the ball at all, and when they did, they were passing the ball against Purdue’s defense – and I don’t care if you’re playing in the middle of the final scene in Twister, passing on Purdue’s defense is like shooting trains in a barrel. (No, that analogy doesn’t make any sense.)

At any rate, Big Ten QB performance was down across the league yesterday save Wisconsin and in the Nebraska/NW game, which had the most favorable conditions of any game. So what did we learn? Well, weather conditions absolutely had something to do with not only O’Korn’s performance, but almost all Big Ten QBs yesterday.

So should we be concerned if O’Korn is leading us onto the field vs the Buckeyes? The Magic Speight Ball says “Check again soon, but yes, probably.”

Kate Elizabeth Queram

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  1. This is the best in Michigan football … I loved Ann Arbor when I was there. I was there for seven years, for three degrees. I left Ann Arbor for a job with NOAH in DC. My job involved responding to major oil spills in the United States. While I lived in DC, I went to law school. After DC, I spent some time in California, and then moved to Florida. Now I live in Florida, in Pinecrest, and I am a lawyer … I sue government.

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