Thoughts During Michigan’s Bye Week

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Von Lozon, Assistant Manager for TBHR, can’t help but share some thoughts during Michigan’s bye week. A weekend without UM football is a sad one to say the least, so he has some things on his mind that can’t be left unsaid. 

After a 78-0 blowout at Rutgers last Saturday, things are looking reaaaal good for Jim Harbaugh and Co. ESPN should have put out a parental advisory before the game started to ensure the kids didn’t see the bloodbath that ensued.

The Wolverines’ bye week came at a good time, and they will be well rested before returning to the Big House to do battle with Illinois on Oct. 22. But there’s a lot of time before that game begins, unfortunately. Here are some thoughts I have compiled for you guys to ponder until Michigan can grace our television’s yet again.

*Man, 78-0 was real…those poor visiting recruits…at least they learned of Rutger’s losing ways sooner rather than later.*

*But seriously, why is Rutgers in the Big 10?*

*Dear, Harbaugh…please use Jabrill offensively more often. His explosiveness out of the backfield leaves me dumbfounded and begging for more. Hell, have him throw a couple touchdowns; I’ll bet he can sling the rock, too. I want another offense/defense hybrid Heisman Trophy winner, and I’m sure you do, too. Sincerely, UM fans everywhere.*

*Honestly, I hope Ohio State beats Wisconsin this Saturday. I’d LOVE to see Michigan and Ohio State undefeated when they face off in November.*

*It’s shocking how bad Michigan State has played this season. I know it’s difficult to adjust with a new quarterback…wait, what? I’m getting word that Harbaugh is undefeated with a new starting quarterback…oh, I guess it isn’t too hard, then.*


*After last week’s performance — well, this whole season’s performance so far I suppose — I’m ecstatic Rashan Gary will be a Wolverine for at least two more seasons after this one. The dude can flat out ball. By the way, he looks mighty good in the Maize and Blue. So happy to have him.*

*How is Tennessee ranked No. 9 still after a loss? Explain that to me @AP. (I know this isn’t Twitter, but I need an answer for this as well).*

*These Ken Bone memes are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Phenomenal work to everyone who contributed.*

*We are all blessed to be watching a Michigan team like this one. The program, athletes, coaches and everyone having something to do with this team are lucky to be a part of something so special. I’m honored to be a lifelong fan of the Wolverines, even through all the bad times of recent memory. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. Go Blue.*

Von Lozon
Assistant Manager at TBHR. Senior at Central Michigan University double majoring in Broadcasting and Journalism. U of M fan since birth. Loud guitar and all Michigan sports are my passions in life. Follow me on Twitter @von_lozon