TBHR Roundtable: Michigan vs. Illinois

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No. 3 Michigan vs. Illinois
The Big House Report (TBHR) staff makes game predictions for Michigan vs. Illinois:
Derek Devine – @DerekWDevine
Michigan 52, Illinois 10

Did that not seem like a long bye week? UGH. Finally, Michigan Football returns this weekend. I’m in dire need of watching a blow out, and I think this is Michigan’s best remaining chance.

Illinois lost four straight before topping Big Ten powerhouse Rutgers. Big win for the squad. However, the Illini have some serious issues at QB. Who starts? Who is even on the team? Who cheers for Illinois? All of my Illinois friends cheer for Notre Dame or Michigan.

Oh, and by the way, it’s homecoming week. Homecoming is already a big deal at the University of Michigan, and it’s been a BIGGER DEAL since Jim Harbaugh’s arrival.

Michigan wins big as the best rush defense in the Big Ten mutes Illinois’ one dimensional offense. Wilton Speight will do what he needs to in order to take the next step as well. Also, my girlfriend says that Jabrill Peppers is going to score another touchdown. Let’s hope she is right (She also picked the score).


Kate Elizabeth Queram – @KateElizabethNR
Michigan 64, Illinois 3

(Kate is in Prague on her honeymoon, but will be DVR-ing the game—don’t worry)

Von Lozon – @Von_Lozon
Michigan 41, Illinois 3

It was incredibly tough to watch college football last week without our wonderful Wolverines to grace our televisions. But now the bye week is over and the Wolverines return to the Big House to take on Illinois for Homecoming.

Illinois gave up a touchdown to Rutgers last weekend…it won’t be a close game. Michigan’s passing game is getting better every week, and I am starting to see Wilton Speight be more mature and careful with the ball. His progression has been impressive throughout the season so far and I expect to see a continuance of that on Saturday.

I can’t go this entire prediction and not mention a man by the name of Jabrill Peppers. He is by far the most versatile player in the country and I wouldn’t be shocked to see another big punt return for the big man from New Jersey. Meanwhile, Stribling and Lewis will lock-in on the Illinois receivers and make them crying for their mommys. This game should be over by halftime, like every game this season excluding Wisconsin.


Kullen Logsdon – @kullen_logsdon
Michigan 65, Illinois 0

I’ll be honest, I can’t name one player on Illinois’ roster, nor do I really care. This Fighting Lovie Smiths are a very, very bad football team and this game will be similar to Michigan’s last game against Rutgers — a 78-0 massacre in New Jersey.

With this game being at the Big House and the Wolverines fresh off of a bye-week, you can bet Michigan is ready to get back onto the field and prove they are worthy of their new No. 3 ranking.

I predict the Wolverines will score on each of their first six drives and put this one away quickly. The Michigan defense will keep doing what it’s done all season and wreak havoc on Illinois’ offense and pitch its second straight shutout. I believe Michigan could win this one 100-0 if it wanted too, but ole’ Jimmy will show some mercy to poor Illini. At the end of the game, I predict a 65-0 final.


Craig Compton – @CraigCompton_
Michigan 56, Illinois 7

Bye weeks absolutely kill me…especially after a 78 point shutout victory. The good news is Michigan Football returns this weekend. The other good news, is I don’t see this game going much differently than the last time the Wolverines take the field.

Illinois was able to take down Rutgers last weekend by 17 points. However, I don’t think they are much better than the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers out gained Illinois by 65 yards, and 13 more first downs. Had they not turned it over 4 more times, Rutgers may have made it a little closer.

Illinois leads the Big Ten in turnover differential, so don’t look for them to cough the ball up a ton on Saturday. I see Michigan having a game very similar to the Rutgers game, where they get up big early, and essentially stop throwing the ball. Chris Evans will have another big game on the ground, and De’Veon Smith will save his legs for Sparty next week.

Let’s get crazy and say Michigan will take the opening kickoff to the house for an early 7-0 lead. I’m going to call this one a 56-7 victory for Michigan, and the only Illinois score will come in the fourth quarter on a big play blown assignment. Go Blue!


Chad Finley – @FinFive1
Michigan 50, Illinois 9

It’s Homecoming week in the Big House and the Michigan football team is looking for its 7th victory. They have been firing on all cylinders and now coming off a bye week, will be ready to continue the road to the Big Ten Championship. It’s hard to say what new formations Jim Harbaugh will come up with this week after having the extra week to prepare. Also it allows any injured player to get well, like Drake Johnson, who could make his season debut.

Look for the Wolverine offense to put up big numbers, not Rutgers game high though, both on the ground and in the air. Wilton Speight will be trying to bounce back from a subpar game in which his passing yards was pretty low. He will continue to take care of the ball and make smart decisions. The running backs should collectively gain over 200 yards against a below average defense. Speaking of defense, it does not get any better than the Michigan defense. They are ranked in the top ten in several defensive categories. I don’t see a big challenge for them against Illinois since they only put up 24 points against a very poor Rutgers defense last week. The D-line will get to the sophomore quarterback multiple times, forcing him into throwing two picks.

With each week I am growing more and more confident in this team. The No. 3 team in the nation is looking unstoppable. Sorry Illinois, you will lose all hope by the middle of the third quarter and then Michigan’s backups will come in and make you feel worse. I think they will hit its season average points (50) and easily move on to 7-0!


Patrick Connors – @TheRealPConnors
Michigan 55, Illinois 0

The only thing that worries me about this game is Illinois front four. They have some NFL talent inside. However, Michigan wins every other position hands down. Oh, and Illinois lost to Purdue and let Rütgers score a touchdown. Geez ow! I can understand the Purdue thing but giving up points to Rütgers is embarrassing.
This one is a quick preview folks. Next week, it’s time for someone to repent. #8yearsofsins


Derek Devine
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