Takeaways From a 78 Point Victory

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Still collecting your thoughts from Saturday night? So are we.

As the week flows, I find myself still trying to comprehend what exactly happened on Saturday night. Sure, I watched Michigan put up 78 points on Rutgers, but what in the heck was that?

This has to be a once in a lifetime thing, right? It’s the largest margin of victory in Big Ten history since 1940. We witnessed the Wolverines score NINE rushing touchdowns, all while holding Rutgers to ZERO first downs until the 9:12 mark of the fourth quarter (they finished with two).

It’s a performance that sent me to bed confused, woke me up in the middle of the night and left me dazed in the morning. I arose Sunday morning questioning whether or not I had dreamt it all up.

It’s absolutely pistachios.

Craig and I take the time to break down the game from the standpoint of “WHAT IN THE WORLD DID WE WATCH ON SATURDAY?! WAS THAT REAL??”

We also discuss what Michigan can take away from a 78-0 rout over a Big Ten (?) program, as the Wolverines head into a bye week.

Happy listening, folks. This was a fun one to record.

Thoughts on Michigan topping Rutgers by SEVENTY-EIGHT

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