Will a Top Ten Victory Legitimize Michigan’s Campaign?

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Everyone is talking about the Michigan Wolverines this season, but how much of it is actually focused on the actual play on the field?

Unpopular take: Michigan might actually be underrated compared to the others in the AP Top Four. When it comes to talk about Alabama, Ohio State and Louisville, it seems like these programs are “shoe-ins” for the College Football Playoff. Michigan looks to have many of the same ingredients that the preceding three obtain and thus far, the Wolverines look as if they could be National Title contender—especially playing from the No. 4 spot. 

For the record, Michigan is still leagues behind Alabama and Ohio State in terms of CFB’s “elite.” I’m not making the claim that the program is as successful—it’s not as of the last decade—I’m just realizing that there seems to be a different tone when analysts talk about the others in the CFB Playoff picture.

Will a win over No. 8 Wisconsin legitimize Michigan’s College Football Playoff campaign? The Badgers already have two Top Ten victories on the season. Dubs are Dubs, so I don’t care that LSU should have never been a playoff contender. I also don’t give a rip about the fact that Sparty could be amidst a down year. Wisconsin has taken care of business, and will look to do the same in A2 this weekend.

This is a must-win for Michigan, obviously. But will this win give the Wolverines the credibility they need moving forward?


Tune in and listen to Tyler Fenwick and I break it down further on the Go Blue Crew:


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