Big Ten Conference in Review: Part One

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So week one was a pretty big hit for the Big Ten. Read as I take the time to break down things in the B1G.

Great week for the Big Ten Conference! Michigan and Ohio State asserted their dominance, Iowa look great, Nebraska had a solid first game, Michigan State did what they had to do, PURDUE WON A FOOTBALL GAME, and the shocker of the weekend—Wisconsin dominated LSU for three quarters and knocked off the (previously) fifth ranked Tigers.

However, it wasn’t a perfect weekend. Rutgers was WHACKED by Washington to the tune of 48-13. The #AshEra is off to a thrilling start. The disappointment of the weekend: Northwestern fell to PJ FLECK and his Western Michigan Broncos—#RowTheBoat, baby. The Big Ten finished week one 12-2, which was goo enough to boast the best record for all Division I conferences. Now that I’ve provided you with a brief synopsis, here are five things you need to know from week one:

1. Nebraska honored the memory of their fallen kicker Sam Foltz on Saturday by only sending out ten players to the field for the first punt of the game. Foltz was tragically killed in a car crash July 23rd. It was a very emotional tribute on Nebraska’s part, leaving zero dry eyes during a standing ovation in Memorial Stadium. Grab some kleenex and see for yourself:

2. Michigan and Ohio State combined to beat their foes this week by a combined score of 140-13!

3. Wisconsin held Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette to 138 yards on 23 carries and ZERO touchdowns. For an average running back, those numbers are good. For Fournette, they are sub-par.

4. Did you see this whacky (100 time more crucial) sequence in the Western Michigan/Northwestern game?

5.  Indiana’s defense looked much better then they have in the past 5, 10, 15, even 20 years? Sure, the opponent was FIU, but the Hoosiers scored 16 points and only gave up 13. Maybe IU finally has a defense that will allow them to be more competitive?

Now to look ahead to a couple games for week two in the Big Ten Conference. (Note: Michigan is always a must-watch)

1. Penn State at Pitt, Noon on ESPN: Finally, we get this rivalry back in college football. These teams don’t like each other and it’s even worse between the two fanbases. If you haven’t heard about James Conner, then you better stop reading right now and Google him. The Pitt running game vs. PSU’s front seven will be a great matchup. While you’re tuned into Michigan, flip over to this game during commercials.

2. Iowa State at Iowa, 7:30 p.m. on BTN: CORNBALL IS BACK FOR ITS YEARLY RENDITION. Iowa won last year in a very close football game. Iowa State lost at home to Northern Iowa on Saturday, so all indications point to an Iowa blow out. However, crazy things happen when the Cy-Hawk is on the line. Tune in if you want to see weird Iowa things and corn.

3a. Ball State at Indiana, 4:00 p.m on ESPNNEWS: No, I didn’t pick this one because my girlfriend goes to Ball State, nor because every time I think of IU, I think of this. No, I picked this game because, believe it or not, Ball State has a three game win streak against IU. IU has the more talented team this year, but Ball State ran wild in the first game of the #NeuEra, so Ball State could pose to be a legitimate threat to IU. Lets see if IU can back up what they did on defense two weeks in a row.

3b. Cincinnati at Purdue, Noon on BTN: I don’t think I can put more emphasis on this game for Purdue. Purdue HAS to win this game. Darrell Hazell’s job is on the line in this game. Purdue won pretty comfortably last week, but the Boilermakers will have to turn it up a few notches this week against Cincinnati. If Purdue has bowl game aspirations, then Purdue NEEDS this game.


Week two isn’t super exciting for the Big Ten Conference. I would advise you to get your duties done this weekend. Do your homework, spend time with your loved ones or going out and do something. I say all of this, because you are gonna want to plant yourself on your favorite couch the week following.  The anti is upped a helluva lot more during week three.

Patrick Connors