Michigan Football: By the Numerals

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Week one was a blast, fam. Ann Arbor was electric and the Wolverines pounded the reading rainbows. There are so many things to breakdown on a week-to-week basis, so I decided I’d take a fresh look at Michigan Football, by the numerals:



Michigan’s position in this week’s AP Top 25: 5th. It’s been awhile (Sept. 1, 2007 to be exact), but the Wolverines are back in the top five. I refuse to remind you of why they dropped out of the top five that year. Here’s Kate’s take:

Losses by Oklahoma and LSU helped Michigan’s case to break into the top five, but the Wolverines actually seem to belong. It’s a great feeling—a feeling that’s taken forever to return. How can the Wolverines remain a top five team? Win, and do so decisively.


Thirty-one Wolverines made their first appearance. THIRTY-ONE. Incredible, really. You can read about the contribution from true freshman on just about every Michigan blog, but the number of first-timers in general is absurd. Sure, going up 42 points with 25 minutes to play allows ample time for newbies, but it’s a large numeral either way. This stat, by the way, makes it clear that Jim Harbaugh is in full control of Michigan’s destiny. He had a year to go out and get his guys, and he got them. 17 of them have already been put in a position to compete.


The number of yards freshman running back Chris Evans posted on the ground. Add in two touchdowns, and we’ve got one of the better season opening performances by a true RB in recent history. He is patient, yet so explosive. He’s also fast, very fast. See below:

In case you were wondering, he’s only the third true freshman to surpass the century mark in a college debut. I envision a solid career for Captain America.


Michigan BLASTED Hawaii, 63-3. It was fun to watch. I was there live, and it was electric from start to finish. Sure, Hawaii isn’t a program to get excited about, but anytime you can post 63 points, it’s impressive. Only four teams posted higher totals than the Wolverines this weekend (Yes, Ohio State put up the most at 77).

Also, the fanbase arrived early and most fans stayed throughout the entirety of the game (Impressive for a 60 point victory). I’ll be back at Michigan Stadium this weekend, so I’m curious to see if this pattern continues.


Michigan converted on EVERY third down attempt against Hawaii. Seven-for-seven to be exact. The number of attempts is low, but the conversion is perfect. Plus, the Wolverines did a remarkable job at avoiding third down situations. Oh, and by the way, the Wolverines didn’t punt once. Hopefully both trends continue?


The number of touchdowns I missed while my girlfriend made me stand in line to buy her a hot dog. I honestly got a little grouchy, but at least she enjoyed the dog. Also, that specific concession stand hosted a busted C02 tank, so there was no option for soda. *sad face*



Numbers are fun. Stay tuned for more from “By the Numerals” next week.

As always, Go Blue.

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