Devine Intervention: Jabrill Peppers is NOT Overrated

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Jabrill Peppers is overrated? Please, tell us more.

Entering the season, it was all about Jabrill Peppers. What could the “Multitasking Beast” do to put the Michigan Wolverines in the CFB Playoff? “Anything and everything,” said many. The staff at TBHR agreed.

But the hype also brought the hate:

Here’s a recent one:


I guess it’s expected—especially from the likes of Sparty and Buckeye fans. But folks, listen up: Jabrill Peppers is NOT overrated! Take a look at the tapes from his first three games this season. He has already proven his significance, and he has plenty of season remaining to tack on more dazzling plays and mind-blowing stats.

Craig and I believe he has already done enough to prove he is worthy of all the hype. We look forward to a full, healthy season of witnessing Michigan’s multitasking beast. Take a listen to our full thoughts on Jabrill Peppers.


Oh, and by the way, we aren’t the only ones who believe he’s worthy of it all.

Peace and love, CFB Nation.

Derek Devine
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