4th and 31: Colorado Buffs Edition

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What an electric start to the season!

The boys have looked sharp two games into the season, rolling easily over the Rainbow Warriors and whatever the hell UCF’s mascot was. I would look it up, but why waste my valuable time on it? That was my reaction sitting down to write up last week’s 4th and 31; I opened up my laptop, googled UCF to find SOMETHING to write about, and then decided Narcos season two was more important. I know, for #CONTENT purposes it was probably just lazy of me, but there was legitimately very little to write up regarding last week’s drudging of the Knights. (It scratched that part of my brain that had to be itched)


This week, however, is a different story.

The CU Buffs (Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) come to the Big House as a dangerous opponent, and will present Michigan with its first real test of the season.

First things first; time to dig up old bones. The Buffs have a history in the Big House, recording one of the wildest come from behind victories of all time. For those too young to experience the heartbreak, here it is for your viewing displeasure:

(The attentive viewer will note Tom Brady appears in this clip. #FREEBRADY #FIRE GOODELL)

This highlight reminds me of last seasons Packers/Lions finish. In fact, it’s nearly identical, minus the tip-ball catch. In a power ranking of devastating Michigan losses, this probably sits at number three, with the full list being:

1) Michigan’s embarrassing loss to App State.

2) Michigan’s loss at Ohio State in 2006. (There is a very reasonable case to be made that that loss has had at least an eight to ten year impact on the Michigan football program.)

3) CU Buffs Hail Mary.

4) Last year’s devastating loss to Michigan State.

All that to say, Colorado comes to the Big House with a history that they must atone for. I have no doubt Jim has been showing that clip to the team all week, using some variation of the “Don’t get embarrassed at home” hype speech.


Regarding the more current CU Buffs team, I see they have taken it upon themselves to mock Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverine’s lack of a publicly available depth chart. In response, the CU Buffs published this disgrace of a depth chart:


Seriously Colorado? What motivates someone to spend the time and effort to score these stupid “viral” points? Do they not realize who they are dealing with? Look I’m a HUGE Jim Harbaugh guy, but being totally honest he’s the kind of guy you’d hate if he wasn’t for you. The guy is a borderline psychopath. For crying out loud, the guy eats his boogers on the sideline and then denies that he ever did it, even in the face of video replay! If a man can’t own up to eating the occasional booger, he sure as hell isn’t going to give you his depth chart for the week, Colorado is foolish to have thought otherwise. I can’t wait to see Jim wipe a booger off on the Buffs head coach after taking care of business on Saturday. Hopefully he goes for 2.

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