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Guys it’s game week. GAME WEEK!

In honor of The Return of Michigan Football, I present to you a mystery of sorts. I first became aware of said mystery on Friday, when Angelique Chengelis, who covers Michigan for the Detroit News, tweeted this picture of Wilton Speight addressing the media.


If it is not glaringly obvious to you – it was not to Angelique – I am pretty sure this is actually a picture of young Jim Harbaugh, inexplicably attending a media briefing as a potential starting quarterback for the 2016 season. I tried to get Angelique to find out more, like was this really Speight or was it young Harbaugh from the past or maybe an amalgation of both, and I thought she might actually do it, but…

HOWEVER. In the midst of this Twitter disappointment (why you gotta be like that, Angelique?!), I learned that I was not the only – nor the first – person to make this observation. Turns out that Drew Hallett over at Maize n Brew had pointed out the twinniness way back in March:

AND managed to get Speight’s take on it:

I dunno but I’m just saying that if you were a time traveler trying to keep it on the DL that sounds like kind of exactly what you would say, know what I mean?

Normally I would feel ashamed that I got beaten so badly on this breaking piece of news, but I don’t feel ashamed, for two reasons. 1- IT IS TOO FREAKIN’ AMAZING, and 2- Obviously, Drew has access to Harbaugh’s time machine and used it to go back to March and tweet this before me.


Anyway, all of that to say that if Speight is named the starter, I shall refer to him as Harbeight, and I shall do it with no small amount of glee.

Also worth noting: when I first noticed the resemblance I referred to Speight as “mini-Harbaugh.” This really upset my new Twitter friend Art Henry:

So, I’m not doing it anymore and you shouldn’t either.

Five days, y’all.


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