Will Negative Energy Affect Michigan’s Recruiting Momentum?

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Say goodbye to Aubrey Solomon, Jalil Irvin and Leonard Taylor—for now. Adiós to Ahmir Mitchell for life.

Should we be concerned with all of the recent negative energy? Earlier this week, three, four-star recruits decommitted from Michigan. Incoming freshman Ahmir Mitchell announced his transfer hours following. What in the heck is going on?

Solomon committed over the summer after visiting campus, but decommitted after Michigan sent his mother a thank-you card for attending the BBQ at the Big House (He never attended). Oh, and they misspelled his name.

Great job, guys.

While these losses may currently hurt the program, nothing is set in stone. As of now the recruits have not committed elsewhere, and will have a chance to rekindle their relationship with the Wolverines. Plus, Harbaugh has already proven he can master replacing top talent. So I think Michigan will be okay.

In the latest episode of the Go Blue Crew, Tyler Fenwick and I talk about whether or not these relationships can be restored. We also touch on the BBQ error and other aspects along the lengthy recruiting trail.

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