Where is the love for Jourdan Lewis?

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Jourdan Lewis doesn’t need the hype to fuel another outstanding season, but he definitely deserves it.

Jourdan Lewis posted 20 pass break-ups (a school record) last fall, leaping to All-American status. He passed up a shot at the NFL to headline a dangerous returning lineup in 2016. Jim Harbaugh refers to him as “an ascending player, improving player.” Heck, he’s even mentioned wanting a shot on offensive this season.

But where’s the hype? Why is it that Jourdan Lewis seems to be playing in the shadow of Jabrill Peppers? Don’t get me wrong, I love what Peppers brings to every aspect of the game. I hope to see another healthy and productive season from one of the most versatile players in college football.

However, I’m sick of the lack of love for Jourdan Lewis. Maybe it just comes with his position. Opposing teams will know where Lewis is located, and likely avoid throwing his direction on the field. Few in-game mentions usually implies a productive night for a standout cornerback. That’s fine, no problem at all. He shows up and does his job each and every night. No glory necessary.

But—he deserves it. Maybe getting a few snaps on offense will give him the credit he deserves. Give Jourdan Lewis some Jabrill Peppers’ opportunities and watch him shine. Who knows, maybe he’ll even put up stronger offensive numbers than Peppers this fall.

Listen to Tyler Fenwick and I discuss the importance of Jourdan Lewis on the Go Blue Crew. Will he get the hype he deserves? Will he make a difference on the offensive side of the ball? Tune in to find out.


Where is the love for Jourdan Lewis?


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