Devine Intervention | Selecting Caris LeVert in the NBA Draft is safer than you think

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Caris LeVert is eager for his shot in the NBA, but is he healthy enough to compete at the highest level of basketball? The guys on Devine Intervention believe so. Listen as Derek Devine, Kullen Logsdon and Von Lozon discuss where and why Caris LeVert will be drafted, as well as why he might be a safer draft pick than you think.

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As always, the NBA Draft is full of risks and surprises and 2016 will be no exception. Stay tuned for a follow-up on Caris LeVert this summer as he makes the leap from Michigan to the NBA.

Also, if you have yet to do so, check out Caris LeVert’s open letter to NBA GM’s on The Players’ Tribune. Incredibly powerful stuff.

Letter to NBA GMs

Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think Caris LeVert’s chances are in the NBA! Also, check out other great podcasts on Wolverine Sounds here.

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