Jim Harbaugh: Innovator or Mad Man?

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From climbing trees to sleeping over high school football players’ houses, Michigan football Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has proven time and time again that he will go to the end of the world to get whatever he wants.

On National Signing Day this year, he invited former UM athletes and famous UM fans to attend the “Signing of the Stars” event. Some of those people include Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, and even former wrestler Ric Flair.

Now, Harbaugh is wanting to take his team down to Florida over spring break. Soaking up the sun and having a couple spring practices is the game plan for Harbaugh and Co. Compared to some of the other things that he has done in the past year, there shouldn’t be a problem with this, right?


Greg Sankey, the commissioner of the South-Eastern Conference, recently gave his two cents on the situation. Essentially, he doesn’t think they should be able to go to Florida over the break and do this.

Now, the Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner, John Swofford, is getting involved in the debacle. He doesn’t approve of it either.

With these two men not accepting the fact that this WILL happen, I must now ask a question — what’s the big deal?

Let’s say Central Michigan’s football program did something similar to what UM is doing. Now, I know CMU is not nearly as big as Michigan, as they are a Mid-American Conference school, but if they did the same thing no one would blink an eye. If schools like Oregon or TCU did this, no one would think it’s a big deal.

Harbaugh and the players will be practicing at IMG Academy while in Florida, which is home to many of 2017’s top recruits in the country. If the SEC and ACC commissioners have a problem with this, why don’t they just have their conferences best coaches go to Big 10 territory? I’m sure Harbaugh wouldn’t mind. In fact, he’d probably send out another subtweet exclaiming how much he doesn’t care.

To put it simply, Harbaugh is ahead of his time. No one has ever done the things he is doing and he is getting criticized for it. I stand by Harbaugh and, quite frankly, I solute and support him. I encourage other coaches to go beyond the ordinary. Do things outside the “norm” whether people like it or not. Some coaches, however, may not need to do things like that to get big time recruits. Which is completely fine, because Harbaugh probably doesn’t have to do it either, he chooses to.

The SEC and ACC have much bigger things to worry about, like LSU’s recent recruiting sanctions, Louisville basketball’s stripper parties, and Ole Miss with having over 30 rule violations. But yet, they can’t help but draw their attention to a school up north that hasn’t had consistency in over a decade.

Von Lozon
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