TBHR Roundtable: Michigan at Indiana

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TBHR Roundtable
Game Predictions:
Michigan at Indiana

Derek Devine – @DerekWDevine

Michigan 34, Indiana 27

This is a trap game. I’ve been floating back and forth with my opinion about this game, and at times I’ve looked at it on the schedule and thought, ‘Michigan will pummel the Hoosiers’. However, after Michigan’s near slip up at Minnesota, I see this game as a potential scare for the Wolverines. Similar to the Nebraska Cornhuskers who beat Michigan State, the Hoosiers are due for a big conference victory, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one come down to the wire.

Michigan is by far the better team overall, but that doesn’t mean anything if Jim Harbaugh’s squad doesn’t show up on the road. Jake Rudock will need to match the play of Hoosiers QB Nate Sudfeld, who will be looking for his final victory in Memorial Stadium. Michigan’s secondary will have to shut down Indiana’s passing game, and force them to find production on the ground.

Jabrill Peppers adds another TD to his collection, and De’Veon Smith breaks the 100-yard mark late in the fourth quarter. Michigan stops the Hoosiers late to seal the victory in Bloomington, IN.

Von Lozon – @Von_Lozon

Michigan 31, Indiana 14

Indiana started their season strong with four straight wins. Since then, they have lost five straight. Out of those five, three of those were Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa, all ranked in the top 15. With that said, Indiana is incredibly due for a victory. And returning home to play against a top ranked UM team might be the game. BUT! I believe Jim Harbaugh will have his boys ready for the trap game and handily give Indiana their sixth straight loss. I expect yet another big game from Peppers, and I’m really hoping this is the game he returns a kick for a touchdown. Or throws one…either one would be okay with me.

David Mormino – @DavidMormino

Michigan 42, Indiana 21

Michigan faces a difficult task this weekend when they travel to Indiana to face the Hoosiers. Indiana has an offense that’s capable of throwing this game completely out of whack, and make it look like a game we haven’t seen yet during the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan. However Michigan has a few tricks up their sleeve as well to make sure all things go right, one being Jake Rudock, and the other being Jabrill Peppers. Peppers is explosive in every facet of the game no matter what position he is playing, if his team has the ball or not, and can really hit that “home run,” type play. We’ve seen it in the return game, defensively and even on the offensive side of the ball, so Peppers is my player to watch. Rudock has developed nicely over the last few weeks, and was a big reason Michigan beat Rutgers last week (which is hilarious because it’s Rutgers and that game was over before the first half ended.) Indiana has a shot to really disrupt everything Michigan has going for them, and another Big Ten conference loss would be catastrophic for their hopes of making it to Indianapolis for the Big Ten title game. I think Michigan rolls, winning by three touchdowns and making sure that Ohio State know is that they are not messing around. Is the trap game? Yes, but Jim Harbaugh will make sure his team is ready to go, so I say Michigan wins 42-21

Chad Finley – @FinFive1

Michigan 38, Indiana 21

This week Michigan faces a very talented Indiana offense, who can put up big numbers on the scoreboard. Last week we saw the Wolverines put up 49 points of its own versus a poor Rutgers defense. The good news is the Hoosiers defense is not much better so Michigan will be able to move the ball down field quite a bit.   It’s big offensive line will wear down the Indiana defense and pull ahead big in the second half. Quarterback Jake Rudock will continue to play smart football and throw for over 250 yards. Michigans defense needs to force some turnovers so the Hoosiers cannot keep pace on the scoreboard. Also they have to do s better job tackling this week. They had a dozen or so missed tackles versus Rutgers that would have limited the Scarlet Knights offensive drives even more. Michigan gets its third straight victory and improves to 8-2.

Patrick Connors – @TheRealPConnors

Michigan 45, Indiana 17

Hello my fellow Hoosiers! This Saturday we take on the Michigan Wolverines who have had a spectacular season up to this date. If it weren’t for a botched snap against Michigan State, this team would be in the top ten and maybe even the top 5!
But remember, this is Indiana! We do it B1G!we have come close to beating Ohio State, Michigan State, and Iowa this year! We are on the brink of doing something special here. This is the game where we decide to put 4 quarters together and beat those Wolverines! This is our…

Yeah right. Michigan will go into Memorial Stadium Saturday and put a number on these Hoosiers. While IU may have kept the games close against those other teams, IU has not seen a defense like this all year. Expect a combination of 3 rushing touchdowns and 3 passing touchdowns. Michigan is flat out better than IU.

Wabash 38, DePauw 14

Also, in the game that will be featuring yours truly, the 122nd annual Monon Bell Classic between Wabash College and DePauw University kicks off tomorrow at 1 pm. Whether or not this is the right thing to do for this website, might as well try. Wabash is 9-0 while the Tigers are 8-1. The winner of this game gets the conference title, the automatic bid to the playoffs and to lay claim to the Monon Bell for a year. Wabash has held on to the Bell for the past 6 years and tomorrow, WE go in search for 7! There may be a little bias in here;), but I fully expect Wabash College to bring the bell back to Crawfordsville and ring it loud and proud for all of Wabash to hear!

Craig Compton – @Craig_TBHR

Michigan 35, Indiana 7

Michigan returns to action this weekend as they travel to Bloomington, to take on a Hoosiers team that is much better than their 4-5 record indicates. The Hoosiers started the season 4-0 for the first time in 25 years, before dropping 5 straight games. Michigan HAS to win the battle up front. Indiana brings a very talented offensive line into this game, that is fast, and strong. Michigan needs to be able to break through the line and get to the quarterback. On the offensive side of the ball, the Wolverines need to do the same. I have been waiting for a big rushing day for far too long. The Wolverines started the season with such a great rush attack, and they need to establish that again on Saturday. I don’t really see this game being too close for too long. Michigan will commit to the run in this one, and will win 35-7. Give me another Jabrill Peppers touchdown too! Go Blue!

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