Thoughts During Michigan’s Bye Week

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“Tough loss.” “Unbelievable.” “Heartbreaking.” “Defeat.”

These words have been ringing through my head for a week now after the loss to Michigan State.

As I sat in my apartment and watched the last play, I was speechless for several minutes. My heartbeat increased and my stomach tightened with every given replay I had to endure as I prepared for the LSU and Florida game to be shown. I couldn’t help but just ask myself and my roommates one question once I finally was able to speak:

“Why can’t we beat State?”

I yelled it passionately, in anger, and in damn near tears numerous times before I finally admitted defeat.

I asked myself that question for the next few days until I came to realize what had actually happened.

Sure, Michigan lost an instant classic. But was it all that big of a loss?

Michigan has one of the easiest schedules remaining among the Big 10 teams. Minnesota has been inconsistent, along with Indiana, Penn State has one of the worst offensive lines in the country, and Rutgers is just plain bad. Ohio State is Michigan’s last true test. They didn’t pass their first test, but they will be more than ready for their final exam.

On the other side of the ball, Michigan State has squeaked by nearly every team they’ve played against. They beat Rutgers by a touchdown, Purdue by a field goal, Oregon by a field goal, and Michigan by four. If MSU has proven anything, it’s that they’ve been bending all season but just haven’t broke yet.

I think they will have their hands full when they travel to Nebraska in a few weeks. And don’t forget they still have to take on Uncle Urban and the Buckeyes at the Horseshoe. Losses are coming for the Michigan State Spartans.

So, what am I really thinking during Michigan’s bye week?

Michigan still has a chance to win the Big 10. Is it possible? Absolutely. Do I think it will happen? Honestly, I don’t know. After the game last week, I have learned that anything is possible. Even if Michigan has a 0.2 percent chance of winning the Big 10, I’m not counting them out.

What else am I thinking?

I’m rooting for Ohio State (crazy right?) to beat Michigan State. The rivalry with MSU intensified after this past weekend and I want the Buckeyes still undefeated when they come to Michigan Stadium on Nov. 28.

The Big House was rockin’ the entire game up until the final play against Sparty. I want that same intensity during the entire game against the reigning national champions.

Von Lozon
Assistant Manager at TBHR. Senior at Central Michigan University double majoring in Broadcasting and Journalism. U of M fan since birth. Loud guitar and all Michigan sports are my passions in life. Follow me on Twitter @von_lozon