TBHR Roundtable: Michigan vs. Michigan State – Predictions

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The Big House Report (TBHR) staff makes game predictions for Michigan vs. Michigan State. Hope your house isn’t divided because emotions will be running high for Wolverines and Spartans faithful this weekend! Check out who we pick to win.

Game Predictions:
Michigan vs. Michigan State

Derek Devine – @DerekWDevine

Michigan 27, Michigan State 21

Even the most optimistic Michigan fan would agree that this “battle of the best” match-up arrived a little bit earlier than we all expected. How hype is this weekend going to be!? I picked Michigan to top Michigan State heading into the season, and that was when I thought Michigan would finish as an 8-4 team (They still could). I have no problem picking the Wolverines this weekend as they look like the better team on paper, and on film.

Michigan wins because they are simply the better squad. Jim Harbaugh will out coach Mark D’Antonio throughout, and the Wolverines will outplay the Spartans on offense, defense, and special teams. Michigan has a chance to dominate this game if they play clean football and are firing on all cylinders, but the idea of a fourth straight shutout seems absurd. Michigan State is a great team, and they have proved their relevance season after season for quite some time. However, all good things come to an end, and sooner than later the Spartans will be looking back at 2014 as the last year they held the upper hand in this rivalry.


Von Lozon – @Von_Lozon

Michigan State 28, Michigan 27

Before the season started, I said that Michigan State would beat Michigan this year at the Big House. I’m not going to change it now. Michigan has been playing lights out, shutting out its last three opponents. Sparty, however, has been playing rough. State only beat Purdue two weeks ago by a field goal and Rutgers last week by one touchdown. Both of those teams have a record below .500. With all of this said, State will show everyone that they are not one to fool around with and I think they come out guns blazing. This is the most hyped up game between these two teams in recent memory and I cannot wait until Saturday. I would not be shocked to see a Michigan victory, but I WOULD but shocked to see a fourth straight shutout.

David Mormino – @DavidMormino

Michigan 17 , Michigan State 10

This is a game I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. Michigan State travels to Ann Arbor for a mid-afternoon clash of titans. Jim Harbaugh has his players ready, same can be said for Mark D’Antonio. No one needs “extra” motivation for this game, it’s a rivalry with a little extra juice these days. I’ll take a matchup like this any day of the week, sign me up ten out of ten times. That being said, I have a weird confidence about this game because of Michigan’s defense. This is weird to say, but my name is David Mormino, and I believe Michigan football is back. But I’m also skeptical because I haven’t been confident about a Michigan football team since Lloyd Carr was head coach. I truly believe Michigan has an elite defense, and an offense competent enough to run the football with success without turning the football over.

Michigan State isn’t the number seven ranked team in the country for no reason, however. They have one of the best in the country under-center in Connor Cook, LJ Scott seems to be a solid, bruising back, and their receivers need no introduction. My prediction for this game is Michigan wins 17-10. Something tells me Michigan will not drop this one at home, nor will they lose any attitude on defense. In fact, I think Michigan’s defense will come up with a huge play late to win it.

Chad Finley – @FinFive1

Michigan 24, Michigan State 10

Coach Jim Harbaugh gets a victory in his first rivalry game against Michigan State.  The Wolverines defense will show again why they are number one in the country.  Even though the shutout streak will end this week, the defense will still dominant by creating a couple turnovers.  State quarterback Connor Cook will be one of the best they face all year, but I think the D-line will get a lot of pressure on him and even a few sacks.  The Michigan offense could get off to a slower start than last week due to the Spartans being a lot tougher and physical than the Wildcats, but as the game goes on they will get better.  I see the special teams playing well again this week too. After this win Michigan will crack the AP top ten and have a six game winning streak!

Patrick Connors – @TheRealPConnors

Michigan 42 , Michigan State 14

Well everyone, here we are sitting at the halfway point of the year and I would have to say that that 99% of America is shocked with how well Michigan has progressed this year. Okay, maybe that number is not factually accurate but I would hope you get the point.

This weekend is bigger than most and has just as much, maybe even more hype than the Utah game. The Fightin’ D’Antonio’s come into town with an undefeated record. No disrespect to the Spartans, but I am going to say that they are a very flawed team and I will say that they have more flaws than Michigan at this time. Their best win is to an Oregon team that has fallen flat on its face this year. Other then that, who else could you honestly say? Air Force? Ill take BYU and Northwestern over Oregon and Air Force. No disrespect to D’Antonio and the Spartans, but their schedule isn’t on par with Michigan.

The Spartans have a lot of injuries as well. 11 injuries to players who actually see game time. Their offensive line is starting to fall apart. However, Connor Cook is still back and I believe he is the best QB in the B1G. He also has a very talented group of skill players around him. And you always know that Michigan State will have a great defense. They haven’t been as dominate as they liked. No disrespect to the Michigan State defense, but Michigan has the better defense right now.

Michigan has all the motivation to go out and take it to the Spartans. In-state rival, they have dominated in recent years, Mark D’Antonio disrespects Michigan as a whole. Not even the fact that Michigan can take control of their College Football Playoff dreams if they win this game.

Part of me wants to say Michigan State will keep it close but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. I think Jim Harbaugh has the boys the most prepared they have been all year and I fully expect Michigan to go out, take it to Michigan State, assert that they are the power in the state again, and I think Harbaugh will show Mark D’Antonio what disrespect is by punching in late touchdown when Michigan has the game in complete control.

Craig Compton – @Craig_TBHR

Michigan 28 , Michigan State 10

This weekend Michigan will come out more prepared than they have been for any game this season. The stakes have never been higher, and the hype has never been more real. Michigan State, regardless of their struggles the past few weeks, will come ready for this game. Michigan needs to stay disciplined this weekend, and trust each other on both sides of the ball. Jake Rudock has shown some great flashes of leadership this season, and this weekend will be even better. If the offense can take care of the ball, Michigan wins this one. I think it will be a tight game until the fourth quarter when the Michigan run game outlasts the Michigan State defense to get some late scores. Michigan wins this one 28-10.

Jim Salow – @Jsalow14

Michigan 31 , Michigan State 0

There is something about Back to the Future that is sticking with me lately. With the sudden relevance of the Cubs and the sure-to-be-beaten-to-death-by-Joe-Buck-prediction for a World Series sweep, we see just how relevant the past can be today. With this in mind, I make my prediction in hopes that history runs in 30 year cycles. 30 years ago, Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines defeated the Spartans in commanding fashion, 31-0. With how far off my predictions have been this year, (When I’ve taken the time to make them) I figure why not make the bold call this week. Michigan continues the shut-out streak. Michigan will block a punt. Lee Corso will fall off the college gameday stage in the middle of enjoying a delicious cheese dog and be replaced by Brady Hoke who will pick the Spartans while clapping uncontrollably. BOLD PICKS.

Can Michigan end the misery of recent years and finally beat Sparty again?

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