4th and 31:¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edition

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That’s the only real response to Oct 17. A date which will live in infamy for all eternity in the hearts of Michigan and Michigan State fans alike. To spend any more time over-analyzing it or looking at statistics and probabilities, even at two weeks on, only brings me that much closer to finding the bottom of the nearest bottle. (Full disclosure, it could be a bottle of anything. Salt water, bleach, or hot dog water sound particularly appealing right now.)

With that in mind, who’s ready to celebrate a new week of Michigan football?! Last Saturday was rough on me both emotionally and spiritually. Never fear dear readers, as the three bowls of cocoa crisps I demolished that morning filled the hole left in me nicely. (It is a metaphorical hole, and no, cocoa crisps are only a stopgap in filling it. What I’m saying is that I am empty now and looking for affirmation. Send in your compliments and your crisps below.) But as excited as I am, I’m also deflated. Look, it is hard to gin up a hatred for Minnesota after news of Jerry Kill’s medical retirement this week. It had always amazed me that a man in that condition could handle the stresses of a head coaching position. Even more impressive was the fact that the man always had this hanging over him, he was always being stalked by the possibility that he could drop at any second, and yet carried on in spite of this. Truly an inspirational guy, and I wish him nothing but the best.

With this in mind, it really is hard to find an ax to grind with Minnesota. Sure, there is the embarrassment that occurred last year in the Big House, but I’m chalking that up to criminal neglect more so than anything malicious on the part of Minnesota. Much like season 4 of Community, (Please go watch this show, you will not regret it.) I am pretending that the last 7 years did not happen. For all I know, Michigan is coming off of a big win over the Florida Gators, Sending Lloyd Carr off on a high note and welcoming in newcomer Jim Harbaugh. So in the vein of fresh starts, lets get going on a new segment of the season, this one culminating with the November showdown in Ann Arbor. Much like I am sure the Wolverines will find their way back into the swing of things this week, I will find that dark pool of hatred somewhere out in the wildest recesses of my mind after a big U of M victory on Saturday. Be on notice Rutgers fans, I’m coming at you with a vengeance next week. So as the Canadians say, Peace Out and Go Blue!
Jim Salow
Jim Salow is a senior Business student at Spring Arbor University. He enjoys knitting cats pajamas, reading spicy hot takes, and writing his own bios. Obviously, he takes himself very seriously. Presently, he writes the 4th and 31 column on Game Weeks.