TBHR Roundtable: Michigan vs. Oregon State

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The Big House Report (TBHR) makes game predictions for week two as the Michigan Wolverines return to Ann Arbor to open things up at home against the Oregon State Beavers. Take a look!

Game Predictions:
Michigan vs. Oregon State

Derek Devine – @DerekWDevine

Michigan 24, Oregon State 14:

Michigan will win its home opener Saturday. The Wolverines struggled last week, but provided us with glimpses of what’s to come. I think we will see even more positives from the squad this week. I expect fewer mistakes, fewer turnovers, and at least one big play. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Tim Drevno open up the playbook a little more against a young Beaver team.

I would like the Wolverines to play lass passively this week. Last week hesitant play led to missed opportunities and costly mistakes. I expect Michigan to win the turnover battle this week and I expect to be celebrating Saturday afternoon!

Von Lozon – @Von_Lozon

Michigan 31, Oregon State 17:

I fully expect Jim Harbaugh’s home coaching debut to be a better outcome for the Wolverines than its first game at Utah. Even though there were some positives that came out of last Thursday’s game, the ultimate goal is winning. Michigan will correct its mistakes and get better each week. I don’t think this will be a blowout like some people think, but I do expect them to get a W this Saturday.

One thing, however, I’d like to happen a bit more this weekend is for Rudock to make smart passes. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on one of his three interceptions last week, but that cannot happen again. His confidence would plummet and the last thing Michigan needs right now is for Harbaugh to question his starting quarterback decision. If Rudock can make smart passes and not turn the ball over, it sure would make an impact on his game moving forward.

David Mormino – @DavidMormino

Michigan 31, Oregon State 14:

Michigan’s home opener is this weekend, which means the Jim Harbaugh Traveling Circus comes to its hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Surely 100,000 plus people will give this team enough juice to win, right? RIGHT?! Oregon State comes into The Big House with a challenge on their hands, and I can’t say I believe they’ll walk out 2-0. The Wolverines played a good football game, albeit a loss, that I think could help act as a launching pad. Michigan knows now that they can play with the big boys, and the crowd will be crazy considering the circumstances. Michigan walks out the winner, 31-14.

The thing that I would like to see more than anything in this world this week? A Michigan victory. We haven’t seen Michigan win a football game since November 8th, 2014 against NorthWestern. Thus, #M00N was born. Don’t remind me, just go out and take care of business so the kids at Skeeps can drink happily for once.

Chad Finley – @FinFive1

Michigan 27, Oregon State 13:

I believe Michigan wins its home opener against Oregon State 27-13.  The offense will run a little smoother because the line will square up against a smaller defensive line this week, so expect the running game to improve. 

What I would like to see this week is a more consistent running game. The Wolverines are loaded with a stable of running backs, so someone needs to surpass the century mark in rushing yards. After watching all of their mistakes in the film room from the Utah game, the offensive line will open more holes this week. I want to see multiple 20+ yards gains on the ground.

Patrick Connors – @TheRealPConnors

Michigan 35, Oregon State 10:

I think Michigan will hit those big plays that they missed last week. Oregon State is a younger team and I think the atmosphere will be too much for them to handle. Oregon State struggled with Weber State last week and I’m going to take a good guess that Michigan is better then Weber State. Look for Michigan to take out Oregon State early and make it a nice ‘Welcome Home’ for Jim Harbaugh. 

I look for Michigan to try to establish a ground game early. If they can, the big plays will open up on the back end. 

Craig Compton – @Craig_TBHR

Michigan 35, Oregon State 10:

I’d like to see the Wolverines control the game up front this week. Overall, they did a good job on the defensive side of the ball last week, and the offensive line was…better. I’d like to see them really take control as a unit (both offensively and defensively) this week. 

I believe they will do just that in front of the home crowd, have a big game rushing the ball, and also have a big game defensively.

Jim Salow – @JSalow14

 Michigan 27, Oregon State 17:

Look for a rebound from last week’s disappointing performance. Count on at least one more pick 6 from Rudock, but a good performance overall.

What I want to see: A classic Jim Harbaugh headset toss.

What do you think? Can Michigan win its home opener?

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