Michigan Football: Logan Tuley-Tillman Dismissed From Team

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The University of Michigan announced earlier today that Logan Tuley-Tillman has been released from the Michigan Football program. The reason was, “conduct unacceptable for a University of Michigan Student Athlete.”

This is big news considering the timing, and the violation itself. Tuley-Tillman was a former four-star recruit, brought in by Brady Hoke’s staff. Harbaugh has brought a no nonsense attitude to Michigan, and this proves it. No matter how many stars, no matter how good a player is, no one is untouchable.

This came as a surprised to Michigan fans when the news brok. It also hurts depth, team chemistry and the image of the team. It’s a tough spot to be in, but Harbaugh is thinking more about his school and team, rather than one player.
We will update you as the story progresses.
David Mormino
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