Gameballs: Michigan vs. Oregon State

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Michigan Football. Say it again…Michigan Football. It’s got such a ring to it, and it’s back! The Wolverines improved to 1-1 on the season with a 35-7 win over the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday. The Beavers came out strong, jumping out to a 7-0 lead in the first 2 minutes of the ball game. The way the first quarter went, I was really second guessing my prediction (35-10, and a big rushing day for Michigan). The maize and blue made some key adjustments, and thanks to a huge Beaver miscue before the half, the Wolverines went into the locker room up 17-7 and never looked back. All around it was a great team win for Michigan, but a few players stood out above the rest.

Gameball: De’Veon Smith, Runningback

Things started slow for the Wolverines up front. Rushing plays were either being stopped for a short gain, or being blown up in the backfield. Like I said, I was really second guessing my prediction after the first quarter. Holes weren’t opening up, and Michigan was lacking a run game. With that being said, adjustments were definitely made after the first quarter. Instead of shying away from the run game, coach Harbaugh continued to call Smith’s number, and pound the football down the field. When it was all said and done, De’Veon had 23 carries for 127 yards and 3 TD’s. It was great to see a Michigan back attack the holes, and run with some passion. I look forward to seeing the Michigan backfield evolve in the weeks to come.

Gameball: Offensive Line

There is no way a team has 244 rushing yards, and 4 rushing td’s without a great offensive line. Often times, the big fellas up front get looked over, not today. It has been a long time since the Wolverines have had a line that could move bodies. Much like the backfield, I look forward to watching this unit grow together as the season moves on. They are the key to any success Michigan has on offense.

Gameball: Defense

Defense wins’ championships, right? This game was such a great example of that saying. As I stated a few times previously, the defensive adjustments made in this game were key to the victory. Of course there were a few stand out players on the defense, Chris Wormley (6 tackles/1 sack), Joe Bolden (7 tackles/18 yard fumble recovery), and a host of other Wolverines that made key stops/plays when needed. What mattered most was THE TEAM. As a unit, they only allowed 2 total yards in the final three quarters. Wait what?! 2 yards in three quarters?! That’s right! Going forward I think the defense is Michigan’s strongest point. If they can continue to bring the intensity each and every week, this group can achieve some great things.

Honorable Mention: Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach

His tantrum was just great wasn’t it? I love the intensity he brings to this team! Go Blue!


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Craig Compton
Born and raised in the mitten, and I bleed Maize and Blue. For as long as I can remember, Saturdays in the fall have revolved around Michigan football. I am entering season 2 with TBHR, and will be writing the "Harbaugh's Heroes" segment each week, as well as podcasting and a few other articles from time to time. I look forward to this season! Go Blue!