4th and 31: A Fan’s Guide to Hating UNLV

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It worked! We doubled down on our hatred, skipped over the sappy nonsense, and pulled out a W. Sure, De’Veon Smith and the O-Line probably deserve some credit, but let’s not forget your principal organizer of hatred’s role in all of this. This week we have a very special opponent with a rich “heritage” and “tradition” that dates back to the grand old years of the 1860’s. Good times in America, right?  

This week, U of M takes on the University of Las Vegas Rebels, or as they are better known in pop culture, the “Runnin’ Rebels”. As the name indicates, the UNLV Rebels draw their name from a certain war fought alllll the way back in 1861. But just having the name match up with the confederacy wasn’t enough. The Rebels uniforms had to take it to the next level and match up with the grey and scarlet look that the confederacy went with for military uniforms. So where does some Podunk town from the west (Obviously sin city is a big deal today, but up until about the 60’s and 70’s it was a relatively small, obscure town, and I will continue to refer to it as such) get off trying to emulate Jefferson Davis and the old gang from the south?

Obviously, this summer has been a tough one for old holdouts perpetuating the racial bigotry of the old Confederacy. Sure, that’s a loaded sentence full of $10 words, but a true one for those slapping the flag on their loaded lift kit dual smokestack truck was a symbol of “Southern pride” or “Heritage not Hate”. Forgive me, but I have zero patience for some hillbilly from southern Michigan sympathetic to the cause of the South in the Civil War. Your ancestors fought against the south, and they would hate you for flying that flag. That leads me to UNLV. Look, maybe there was a time where we could romanticize the civil war and the tradition and heritage that supposedly root from the war. But it is 2015. Time to call it what it is. I’m not saying that the Rebels need to change their name or their colors, but there are much better Rebel mascots and color schemes out there to emulate. If I’m not mistaken, there is a certain film series being revived this Christmas that features a rebel alliance. Who wouldn’t want a Star Wars themed team with Orange, black, and cream colors? Just a friendly suggestion to UNLV.

Now that we’ve gotten past the Civil War angle, lets talk rap music. UNLV has been name checked by the likes of Drake on “Tuscan Leather” and Pusha T on “Trouble on my mind” respectively. What about the University of Las Vegas warrants this attention from rappers? The basketball team has had marginal success, winning a national championship in 1990. But besides that, what’s so special about the place? There are much better universities and mascots besides the Rebels that haven’t appeared in rap songs. What about the Wisconsin Badgers and Bucky? Bucky doesn’t get enough love in the modern rap scene. Or any scene really. Take notice pop culture, a Bucky the Badger bubble is coming.

Flat out, the Rebels are not that good of a football team. Without overlooking UNLV, this should be a good Saturday for the Wolverines to stretch their legs out and test themselves in a few areas of the game. This will be a great game to try out some new looks and positions for players, particularly for Jabrill Peppers and the offense. That is one look that I think the collective Wolverine fan base has been waiting for, and so long as the boys in blue take care of business early this could be a great game to experiment with it a little. Here’s to another exciting Saturday of Michigan football! Go Blue!


Jim Salow
Jim Salow is a senior Business student at Spring Arbor University. He enjoys knitting cats pajamas, reading spicy hot takes, and writing his own bios. Obviously, he takes himself very seriously. Presently, he writes the 4th and 31 column on Game Weeks.