Dear Michigan Football Fans, Please Keep a Level Head

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It’s been 203 days since Michigan announced Jim Harbaugh as its head football coach. From coaching first base for the Oakland A’s to recruiting like a mad man, it’s been an eventful time trying to keep up. Some fans are confused though—because Jim Harbaugh’s coaching record at Michigan is still 0-0.

Chat Sports recently published an article which supposedly lays out four reasons why Michigan can make the 2016 College Football Playoff.

Reason No. 2 is very predictable: Harbaugh’s track record.

Reason No. 3 is almost as predictable, but incredibly narrowed: Jabrill Peppers. Yes, one player.

Reason No. 4 just says Michigan has come close to beating Ohio State a couple teams recently, so that will apparently translate into being one of the four best teams in the nation.

The only legitimate reason is the first, which states Harbaugh has a good batch of Brady Hoke leftovers to work with.

My intention isn’t to smash this article. I’m just worried (and rightfully so) that this is the simple-minded attitude of too many fans.

Harbaugh certainly does a nice job of bringing it on himself, but Twitter explodes daily with “Harbaugh is the G.O.A.T.” this and “Look what Harbaugh did” that.

The hype surrounding him does a lot to reel attention towards expectations, but let’s please keep them calm and realistic.

Michigan very likely won’t make the playoff this season, and Michigan very likely won’t have a Heisman winner. Better yet, you’re overly optimistic—delusional, I would argue—if you think the Wolverines are going to beat Ohio State this season.

What you’re experiencing, if you do believe those things, is what I earlier called a hopeless romanticism effect because of a high-and-mighty new coach.

Change cracks open the door of optimism; we naturally run through it and force it of its hinges.

So in these times of waiting for a new season, I ask that you keep a level head and not say too many absurd things.

Tyler Fenwick is the managing editor of The Big House Report. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Fenwick.

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