Jim Harbaugh Wants To Take What Others Don’t Want Him To Have

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You know when you were 8 years old and your parents told you to not touch something? And you, knowing full well what you’re being told, go ahead and stare them down from a distance, sticking out your hand and then slowly erecting your index finger. You touch it.

Do you ever observe Jim Harbaugh’s day-by-day game plan for life and wonder if he’s not doing the exact same thing?

Harbaugh from a distance nearly perfectly resembles the child wanting to lay a finger on something, in spite of their parents’ clear instructions.

We’re talking about a guy who walks boldly and gracefully on the line separating madness and sanity. San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone thinks Harbaugh might be “clinically insane.”

So when I was scrolling through Twitter on the beaches of North Carolina—vacations are great—I wasn’t at all surprised to see yet another name swirling in the lazy river of transfers.

It’s former Auburn defensive back Derrick Moncrief this time.

After a string of rather confusing (and conflicting) reports, it looks like Moncrief has been cleared to transfer to Michigan, should he choose to do so.

Great for Michigan, which just lost cornerback Blake Countess. Moncrief is a versatile defender on the back end and could help strengthen the Wolverines’ secondary.

But would it be mad to think Jim Harbaugh, the slayer of convention, may have something else lurking behind the curtains on this one?

If we take a step back to not too long ago, Harbaugh unhinged SEC coaches with the use of satellite camps, which are increasing Michigan’s exposure in places coaches otherwise may not be able to even glance over.

And then there was one of the stranger things we’ve seen a college football coach do. Harbaugh invited every coach in America to attend an exposure camp at Michigan from June 14-17.

You don’t need a fancy title before your name to understand the foundation of Jim Harbaugh: He’s out not to change the direction, but lead the pack.

He tweets just about every day. He seems to always be involved in some obscure event. He even coached first base in an Oakland Athletics spring game this year.

He’s making his rounds and demonstrating what an innovative spirit can offer.

And wouldn’t you know it; Derrick Moncrief is exiting SEC country, and the advantageous Harbaugh can now pounce.

This isn’t me saying Jim Harbaugh is out to snatch transfers just for the sake of saying he did it.

But I can picture it now—Jim Harbaugh with a smirk on his face, reaching out to touch what he’s been told not to.

Tyler Fenwick is the managing editor of The Big House Report. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Fenwick.

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