Former Michigan Basketball Player Jordan Morgan Turning His Dream Into A Reality

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It’s been two years since Jordan Morgan put away Syracuse in the Final Four with a charge and monstrous slam dunk. These days he’s playing professional basketball in Rome and simultaneously working to provide education, support and encouragement to today’s youth.

On March 12, 2015, a statement was released announcing the launch of the Jordan Morgan Foundation. To some, that may seem like the start of Morgan’s book—the “In the beginning” portion. But in reality, it’s the culmination of trial and pursuit.

“You never know where life’s going to take you,” Jordan says.

The statement rings especially true for Jordan. After spending the first six years of his life bouncing from house to house, he and his mother, Meredith Morgan, were finally able to settle down in their first real home. And though Jordan doesn’t remember the early years of his life before stability, it had a profound impact on him and helped carve the path he would eventually walk.

Jordan says those years he doesn’t remember are the ones driving him to help others. And his heart is with the youth.

“That’s where you have the opportunity to make the most impact,” he says

Speaking at schools and programs, Jordan feels his message can really resonate with young people, especially in the city of Detroit, where his foundation is located.

Being six hours ahead of the U.S. hasn’t exactly assisted in the beginning stages of this process, but Jordan credits his team of workers with helping pamper the foundation into whatever it is to become.

With only a few regular season games remaining for him in Rome, Jordan says he’ll get through the playoffs and then hopefully make a return to the States and really start making a hands-on impact in the community.

As it turns out, Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football team recently announced they would be spending more time helping the city of Detroit. Jordan sees a possible joint effort on the horizon.

“Hopefully we can come together,” he says.

The other tie Jordan has to Michigan is a little more special. After spending five years with head coach John Beilein, Jordan says he still talks to the coaching staff and players about once a month, though he hardly ever opened up to them as a player about wanting to start his own foundation.

“At Michigan we were a family,” says Jordan.

Family is a fitting description. Jordan’s family helped lead him down the path of giving, leading, caring.

Now it’s part of his life work.

You can visit the Jordan Morgan Foundation online here, and you can donate money here.

Follow the Jordan Morgan Foundation on Twitter @jmo_foundation, and “Like” them on Facebook here.

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