49ers Guard Alex Boone Calls Jim Harbaugh ‘Clinically Insane’

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San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone had a few interesting things to say to HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” about his former coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I think he just pushed guys too far,” Boone said. “He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much. You know, ‘We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this.’ And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane. He’s crazy.'”

But when there was uncertainty surrounding Harbaugh’s future back in September, Boone was one of the more outspoken defenders of his coach.

“I know for a fact that everybody loves Harbaugh,” Boone told 95.7 The Game. “He’s a great guy. How can you not want to win for a guy that wears cleats during the game? Come on now. Have you not seen that guy’s energy? He’s excited 24-7. You’ve got to love to play for a guy like that. That’s what football is all about.”

Boone has now turned his stance, saying Harbaugh does a great job of applying the initial spark needed to get you going, but after a while, he wears out his welcome.

Harbaugh doesn’t deny that.

“It must be true,” he told Andrea Kremer for the HBO documentary. “Because I’d wear out my welcome. People just don’t want to be around you for a while.”

This episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” will air Tuesday on HBO.

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