Jameis Winston, Bryce Petty Speak Highly Of Jim Harbaugh And Michigan

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Look, Jim Harbaugh is a worker of magic. As if you didn’t already know that. For further proof, two prolific college quarterbacks traveled to Ann Arbor to work on their game in preparation for the upcoming NFL Combine. Why Ann Arbor? Well, first and foremost, that’s where Harbaugh is.

In a feature on MGoBlue.com, quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Bryce Petty spoke very highly of Michigan‘s facilities and its coach.

Harbaugh for the past few days has been working with Winston, the former Heisman winner, and Petty, a two-time Big 12 champion at Baylor. The video features clips of Harbaugh coaching them through their technique, as well as giving them a few lessons on how to dazzle with words during the interview process.

“I’m usually tall in the pocket,” said Winston, “but he kinda dropped me down a little bit more at 6’2” instead of 6’4”.”

Petty made similar remarks regarding his frame, telling MGoBlue’s Ed Kengerski it was amazing how effortless the arm motion was once he began utilizing the rest of his body.

Both Winston and Petty are no strangers to success and fine coaching. After all, between the two of them, they compiled a 47-5 record and captured four conference championships (two each) as starters.

But when it comes to Harbaugh, it seems little compares.

“[He’s] a fun, energetic guy, passionate about football.” said Petty. “From the second he came over here, he was sizing up Jameis and wanted to see his grip.”

Winston had more reserved praise for Harbaugh, but the words carry their own weight.

“It was a blessing to meet a guy like that.

“I wish I could’ve played for him.”

As for the facilities used for training throughout the last few days, Winston couldn’t help but make a comparison to what he had at Florida State, not to say it was anything bad.

“I love Florida State,” said Winston. “Go Noles ’til the day I die. But they’re so much [more] advanced than us.”

Petty and Winston will hit the NFL Combine this Saturday, along with all the other quarterbacks hoping to live out their dreams. The difference? The other guys didn’t have Jim Harbaugh on their side.

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