I Will Be Surprised If Jim Harbaugh Doesn’t Land At Michigan

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The longer we wait, the more encouraged I am that Michigan and Jim Harbaugh will marry after he parts with the San Francisco 49ers, which will reportedly happen within two days of their Dec. 28 game.

In the beginning of all this, I did not believe Harbaugh would become the next head coach of the Wolverines. The move didn’t make sense to me, and, at the time, there were other candidates (like Les Miles) who seemed like perfectly viable options.

But now that we are in the fourth week of this coaching search, I honestly believe it will be Jim Harbaugh standing on Michigan’s sideline to start next season.

A large part of this coaching search has been the divide in reports, specifically those coming from the NFL/national media and those coming from Michigan/local guys. The reporting war itself has been entertaining enough for me. The national media has long said Harbaugh prefers the NFL, and the only reason he is not dismissing Michigan publicly is to gain leverage with other teams wanting to pull him in. Then, of course, the local media (which is highly trusted and highly favored amongst Wolverines fans) is contradicting that with brighter news of what may be to come.

I don’t buy the “leverage” story. Maybe if this was a candidate who didn’t have any previous ties to the University of Michigan, it would be more believable. But to think Harbaugh would leave his alma mater out to dry like that—it’s a little difficult to comprehend.

Perhaps that’s an example of my narrow mind, but I’m not buying it.

By Wednesday of next week, I will be very surprised if Jim Harbaugh is not announced as the next head coach of Michigan.

The way he defers the questions, the way he brushes it all off—it leads me to believe he is truly interested in Michigan and, as some are beginning to report, is maybe even leaning toward it.

Needless to say, this next week is going to be just as chaotic as the few before it. Reports will poor in, and very hot takes will be delivered.

Keep your chin up, though, because I have a feeling it will be well worth your wait in the end.

Tyler Fenwick is the managing editor of The Big House Report. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Fenwick.

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