Michigan Interim AD Jim Hackett Hinted At Being Around For At Least Another Year

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Jim Hackett hit his home run. That’s over now. What can we move to? Easy. During his opening comments at the introductory press conference for newly hired Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, Hackett said, “In a year from now, I’ll review the football program’s progress, and the university will determine an appropriate deferred compensation arrangement, which I have to take into account market conditions at that time.”

Wait. What?

Hackett is still the interim athletic director. University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel clearly stated that Hackett is in an interim role—no questions asked.

We know from previous reports that Hackett’s “interim” name tag doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be in and out in no time at all. But the only public remarks we have from Schlissel indicate that this is definitely a non-permanent gig.

It would be a popular move amongst fans—bringing on Hackett permanently—but Schlissel did not make it sound like hiring Hackett into that role would even be a possibility.

“I am confident Jim will immediately begin the process of moving the department forward,” Schlissel said of Hackett at his introductory press conference on Oct. 31, “including working closely with me to develop a plan to identify and recruit Michigan’s next permanent athletic director.”

Perhaps that “next permanent athletic director” is Hackett himself. After all, he did just land arguably the biggest hire in the history of Michigan athletics. Hackett’s remarks regarding his evaluation of the football program’s success in one year may have many people happy about the possibility of him sticking around long-term.

And by all means, Mr. Hackett, feel free to do that.

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