Latest Odds: Harbaugh a 5-1 Favorite To Return To Michigan, Les Miles At 33-1

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According to updated odds released Wednesday by, Jim Harbaugh remains the favorite to become Michigan’s next head football coach with 5-1 odds. UCLA’s Jim Mora is second on the list at 8-1 odds. The name bringing up the back of the pack is LSU’s Les Miles, whose odds sit at 33-1.

Reports, many of which conflict one another, are popping up every day. If you turn to NFL media, Harbaugh is a safe stay in the NFL; if you turn to local media, Harbaugh remains a clean bet.

Mora’s name is an intriguing one. He wasn’t discussed often in the beginning of this search, but he shouldn’t be forgotten.

As for Miles, it’s interesting that he is so far down the list. Set aside the conflicting internal views of the current Tigers’ head coach, and you have a guy who has consistently found success in the SEC and, maybe even better than that, has found a way to keep up and compete with the likes of Alabama.

Of course, odds are odds, and they don’t often speak to the true nature of what’s going on. The fact that Harbaugh is miles ahead of Miles doesn’t mean we should brush off another potential homecoming.

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