John Harbaugh Sheds Light (Sort Of) On Jim Harbaugh’s Future

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There were once days when both Jim and John Harbaugh were talked of as candidates for Michigan’s vacant head coaching job.

These days, of course, there is only one true candidate in the eyes of the fans, and it’s Jim Harbaugh, whose days in San Francisco are very obviously and publicly numbered.

So apparently when you are no longer part of a coaching, you become something of a source of information, especially when your little brother is the one being pursued.

In an interview with CSN Baltimore, John Harbaugh (coach of the Baltimore Ravens) spoke as if he knew things for his brother Jim would be coming to an inevitable end, as has been anticipated and reported for some time now.

“The goal is not to keep the job, the goal is to do the job, to do the job to the best of your ability. When that time is over, you move on to the next opportunity,” John Harbaugh said. “He’s done something there that’s absolutely historic and amazing, it’s never really been accomplished in the history of football before. I’m proud as heck of him. Whatever’s next for him, he’ll do a great job there, whatever it is.

“He’ll be fired up and excited to do it. I’m proud of him no matter what happens. They had a great coach there for the past four years, they were blessed and fortunate to have him. The fans realize that and the players realize that. And that’s really all that counts.”

Jim Harbaugh refuses to entertain reporters’ questions concerning his future, but it’s nearly impossible to find a scenario in which he is still the head coach of the 49ers next season. That much is very obvious.

After that fact, though, the future of who will be the most coveted coach on the market is a complete and total mystery to the public.

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