It’s Finally Over: Brady Hoke Fired

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Breathe, guys, the nightmare is finally over. At least it is for the moment. Acting athletic director, Jim Hackett, decided against giving head coach Brady Hoke another year to right his wrongs. It’s a wise and necessary decision, as Michigan fans and alumni alike have been subjected to watching some of the worst football in Michigan history.

Hoke had an overall record of 31-20 (18-14) in his time at Michigan. His team went 4-8 against its main three rivals, including two wins over Notre Dame, one win over Ohio State and one win over Michigan State. On the road, his team notoriously struggled, as they went 7-12. Under his leadership, Hoke’s offense could never get off the ground, ranking 114th in 2014, 87th in 2013, 79th in 2012 and 42nd in 2011.

Over the last four years, the Wolverines have also regressed in turnover margin. In 2011, Michigan was actually ranked ahead of Michigan State at 25th. That quickly changed in 2012. That year, the Wolverines were ranked 101st. In 2013, they bounced back a little as they improved to 33rd overall. This last season was the worst of all, as they are ranked 123rd in turnover margin. Michigan has also ranked consistently low in tackles for loss allowed under Hoke. There was just a lot of bad football during his tenure.

Michigan fans should be excited for the future. They’ve had to endure a seven-year stretch unlike any other. The first obstacle is now gone; Hoke has been let go. The next two obstacles that the University and fans have to brace themselves for is the coaching search and the retention of current players. Two bad hires in a row have led Michigan astray from the success the program once knew. It is absolutely vital they make the right decision this time. Fans have to be ready for possibly a non-Harbaugh coach. As long as he’s qualified, that’s okay. We all know that when coaching changes are made, players often transfer. Retention rates have been a contributing factor in the failure the Wolverines have suffered. It’s very important that Hackett moves swiftly and correctly in order to ensure the new guy and his staff can keep as many players as possible.

It’s a fresh start for Michigan, so you should be excited. The news coming out of Ann Arbor in the next few months will obviously be significant, and there will be a ton thrown at you. Fans must be patient, as this time around, the Wolverines can’t afford to mess up the coaching search. The nightmare is finally over, but if you want it to remain that way, be patient. Be excited, but be patient.

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