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Zach Robertson is an offensive lineman prospect who the Michigan Wolverines need to add to what is a very small 2015 recruiting class. Needless to say, he would be a great addition to the class. The 6-foot-5, 328-pound guard is a man when it comes to run blocking. He finishes blocks and he does it with intent. Simply put, this dude is a beast. His run blocking is what all Michigan fans want in the offensive line.


• Punishing blocker — Whether it be a down, pull, trap or man block, Robertson does it with force and hatred. He makes powerful first contact and drives his legs. There are multiple times where he just blows his guy off the ball and finishes him in the dirt. He has very strong legs and is great in the upper body. He grabs quickly with his hands and is a punisher.

• Mobile — For his size, Robertson is very mobile in between the tackles. He moves really well from the first to second level. He gets to his spot at the second level very quickly and effectively. His mobility up to the second level is what creates the lane for the running backs, and those lanes he creates are massive.

• Just looks the part — He looks like he could be the next great offensive guard at Michigan. He just needs to continue to improve in the offseason and work on some of his weaknesses, and he will be a top 10 pick in the NFL someday.


• Foot speed — One of the few weaknesses Robertson has is his foot speed. It’s not bad at the first level, but when he gets to the second and third levels, defenders are shifty and able to get by him. It’s a tiny thing, but it will be more crucial when he becomes a college lineman.

• He needs to play lower — He made a huge improvement in pad level from his junior to senior year, but now it just needs to be consistently lower.

Overall, there is so much to like about Robertson, and it would be even better if he became a Wolverine. If he commits and fixes up some of his weaknesses, he could see some valuable playing time next year. College is a whole different animal, but he played like a different animal in high school. The talent is definitely there; the question is if the determination and dedication in the offseason is there. If I was a betting man, I would say he has the want to be the best.

Watch Robertson’s junior season highlight:

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