Film Study: 2015 OG Grant Newsome

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Grant Newsome is a four-star offensive tackle who committed to Michigan in June and has honored that even after the firing for Brady Hoke. The 6-foot-7, 290-pound lineman is a player who catches your eye on film.

I don’t see him making much of an impact on the field his first year, but it is pretty rare to see an offensive lineman making an impact on the field their first year. (Yes, Mason Cole is an exception.) With a full year in the Michigan weight room and fine tuning some of his techniques, Newsome could be the aggressive, punishing run blocking tackle we have been waiting for.


• Exceptional run blocker — Newsome has a lot of power, especially in the legs. He has very mobile feet for a guy his size. Powerful legs and quick feet make a deadly combo for any offensive lineman. He is also very good with his hands. He latches on, and the defensive player is toast.

•  Plays through the whistle — There were multiple times where he put his man on the ground. There were also a couple of occasions where he put his guy out of the camera’s reach. He plays with a high motor and with great intensity, and he finishes the block.

•  Mobililty — When you think of a high school offensive lineman, especially someone with Newsome’s size, you assume he is very strong, but probably not very mobile. The stereotype doesn’t seem to be true of Newsome. In this film, there were times where he pulled and looked very comfortable doing it. He was very quick out there and was able to get on his defender a lot easier than what some college linemen can.


•  Pass blocking — It is not a glaring weakness on film right now, but this is the main reason why he might have to redshirt his freshman year. He has good feet, but he has a tendency to turn his hips and give a soft edge to the defensive end. I don’t care how strong you are—a good defensive end will bull rush you and drive you into the lap of the quarterback. He also tends to catch while pass blocking. He needs to deliver a blow to the defensive end and keep him at arm’s length.

• High hat — For as strong as he is, there were many times where the defender was lower than him. He needs to consistently be lower than the defender, or all that leg strength will basically go to waste. I think him playing with a high pad level is another reason why he catches while pass blocking.

Overall, I do think Newsome will need a great offseason or two before he can make the impact we all envision Michigan offensive linemen making. He has the potential to be All-Big Ten and possibly All-American. Players like that are built in the offseason, and he needs to take advantage of every single one of them.

Watch Newsome’s senior season highlights here.

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