Saturday’s Key Sequence: Northwestern

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The slop-fest that was known as a “football game,” on Saturday featured some nice drives, but more head shaking than anything.

One of those head shaking decisions was from Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald. Northwestern drove down the field and scored on a tired, yet still capable defense; yet instead of taking a free trip to overtime, Fitzgerald opted to go for two.

The Wildcats were down one when a timeout was called, and Michigan had seen the offensive formation from Northwestern already, but Fitzgerald stuck to the play call. Trevor Siemian rolled to his right, and was met by Frank Clark, ultimately falling down to secure a Michigan victory.

The play reminded me of Brett Favre when Michael Strahan “sacked,” him to break the NFL single-season sack record. I digress.

Fitzgerald’s call ultimately decided the game, even if he couldn’t run the play himself. His decision let Michigan remain in the hunt for a bowl game, and sealed the deal in Evanston.

David Mormino
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