Michigan vs. Ohio State Game Preview

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It’s here. Finally. Rivalry week is always fun, especially when it’s Ohio State versus Michigan.


November 29th, 2014
12:00 PM EST (ABC)


Columbus, Ohio

What to Expect:

Blood. I feel like I don’t need to type more, but I will. Ohio State and Michigan have been sworn enemies since, well forever. This game means more to these kids than the birth of their first child, and neither one wants to be embarrassed. For Ohio State, they have a shot at the college football playoff to lose, while Michigan has lost everything already. Nothing to lose, bragging rights to gain, and a chance for the players from their respective states to prove why they belong. I have goosebumps thinking about the game, and I believe both teams are going to bring their best today.

Players To Watch:


Devin Gardner played one of his best games of his career last season against the Buckeyes, and the Wolverines will need vintage Gardner to show up today in order to win. Drake Johnson has been playing well, so Michigan should rely on him, and they need to use the run game heavily today. Controlling the line of scrimmage and time of possession will be key, and it starts with establishing the run.

Ohio State:

JT Barrett is the real deal, that has been quite obvious this season, so he is the first name to be mentioned. Barrett has taken over for Braxton Miller, who went on the shelf for the season after a shoulder injury, and hasn’t missed a beat. Joey Bosa is a man amongst boys, so Michigan will need to double-team him to make sure Gardner has time to think. That is no easy task, and Bosa looks to feast on a not-so-reliable offensive line for Michigan.


I think this is a game that Michigan could steal, potentially shaking up the landscape of the College Football Playoff if Ohio State is looking ahead. Coming into the game as a 17 (!!!) point underdog, the Wolverines are looking to send Brady Hoke out as a winner, even if for only a day. While Ohio State has won 9 of the last 10 meetings, Michigan is hungry for a win today, and potentially heading to a bowl game. I will put my pride aside, and use my head, Ohio State wins 21-14 in a hard-fought matchup

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