Seven Lessons Learned: Part 3

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Largely considered to be Brady Hoke’s largest and most impressive recruiting find is Jabrill Peppers, a physical nightmare who is capable of playing both sides of the ball. Michigan has opted to stick him in the nickel for now and use him as a punt returner, but a few injuries later, we really don’t have any idea what Peppers is capable of doing and how useful he could be to this team.

Lesson 3: We’re halfway through the season and are still in the dark about Jabrill Peppers.

The point was raised after Peppers was injured in the first game of the season against Appalachian State that it probably isn’t just to say Michigan is “missing” Peppers because, especially at that point, there was really no telling what he could actually do. Thank ankle injury benched him for the next week against Notre Dame, and a separate leg injury has allowed him to compete in only two other games against Miami (OH) and Utah.

What is the likelihood that Michigan has a star sitting on the bench and in the locker room? Nobody knows! That’s so frustrating to think that such a special talent like Peppers can’t be utilized right now.

So the question was raised the other day after Brady Hoke took questions from the Big Ten Network’s weekly teleconference: Does Michigan end up using a medical redshirt on Peppers, who remains eligible if he doesn’t compete for the rest of the season? We went to Twitter to ask you, and the reactions were all over the chart. There seemed to be a split between yes and no, while one individual used it as an opportunity to lay into Brady Hoke just one more time.

Predicting this time in the beginning of the season, I easily would have guessed that our expectations for Peppers would either be proven justified or outrageous, but we haven’t even had a fair chance to make any meaningful assessments.

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