Seven Lessons Learned: Part 1

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Bye weeks can get boring in the college football world, and when your team is limping (literally, for some) into the second half of the season, it can also be a frustrating time. The Big House Report, beginning today, is bringing you a Seven Lessons Learned series to take us through this week and into our regularly scheduled coverage of Michigan next week. We hope you enjoy it, and as you’re always welcomed to do, tell us how you feel.


How profound is that? No, but really, we love Michigan, and nothing has made that more evident than the events that have taken place this season. TBHR’s Twitter often comes under attack by fans telling us we’re not being supportive of the program, and therefore we are not true fans. I argued here that just the opposite is true, but that discussion isn’t relevant to this.

The bottom line: Michigan is struggling, and there are a few high-ups who aren’t gaining all the respect in the world from fans, students and alumni. How disheartening would it be for us, as true fans of the maize and blue, to just sit back and watch this unfold before our sorry eyes? That alone would come second to none in the race to complacent fandom. If we’re in for the long haul, we should act like it.

That’s what we have done through the first part of the season. Most of us continue to watch the games and support the players because we do understand that there’s a great deal of work being put into the final goal—whatever that truly may be.

When University of Michigan students gathered a couple weeks ago for a rally with the purpose of getting Athletic Director Dave Brandon out of office, I saw it as a proud moment for the program and the school. Sure, it would obviously be nice if none of those things happened, because that would entail that there was no reason to hold such a rally in the first place, but standing up together and striving for something far out is what this is supposed to be about.

We’ve embraced that school of thought from the outside—most of us—and through adversity especially, we’re still one family.

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