Dave Brandon Resigns. Is Brady Hoke Next?

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Earlier today, the University of MichiganĀ held a press conference to announce the resignation of Dave Brandon from the title of Athletic Director at the school.

Some fans wanted both Brandon and Hoke out as early as Week 4. With rumors looming around “Morris Gate” and all of the losses, it was only a matter of time before one of them was to resign. At this point in the season, most expected him to stay until the end of the year. With this resignation coming a little earlier than expected, will Hoke also be done by the end of the season?

My prediction: It’ll be after the regular season. If things go the way I think they will, Michigan won’t get to a bowl game and he will be fired shortly after the Ohio State game. With all of these embarrassing losses Michigan has had this season, there is no way that Hoke can stay as head coach of this football team.

He was humiliated by the two rival schools so far at Notre Dame and Michigan State. Michigan was outscored by a total of 55 points and had seven total turnoversĀ in those two games.

Coach Hoke never seems to give any legitimate answers to the media about any problems the team has had. He always seems to tell the media the same thing. Even though he does tell the truth and put a lot of the blame on himself, he is only digging himself a deeper hole at this point.

Head coaches try to fix their problems, not explain them. This is what Hoke should have been doing all season long. He will be done with Michigan football a week or so after the Ohio State game.

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Von Lozon
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