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As the story unfolds, we here at TheBigHouseReport.com felt it was necessary to share our thoughts on the mishandling of the Shane Morris injury on Saturday.

David Mormino: The immediate reaction from me regarding this story was anger. I’m angry for the fans, for the team and the members of the media, and this university as a whole. One of the most prestigious universities in the country has been tarnished by this story, and it’s a damn shame because it could have been prevented, simply by following injury protocol. What’s even worse is that with all the scrutiny that comes with being an athletic director at a major college, Dave Brandon somehow thought that releasing a prepared statement at one in the morning would smooth things over. Picture your local fire department trying to take care of a fire, but instead of using water, they used gasoline. That’s what this story has become. And for Brandon, how could an athletic director who supports Hoke as much as he does, completely throw him under the bus to try and save face? Shameful. There should be a prepared statement on Tuesday stating that Brady Hoke and Dave Brandon are no longer affiliated with this University and an interim head coach should be named for the remainder of the season. Also, a stellar job from the members of the Michigan media.

Hunter Firestone: Brady Hoke needs to be fired. Plain and simple. Leaving an athlete on the field when he is obviously injured is inexcusable. That would be a crime in the NFL, but especially for a college athlete it is horrible. The Shane Morris situation would be an issue for this team even if they were 4-0. And I would hope it would be a conversation of Hoke keeping his job with a great record. But sadly, Michigan is having another bad year. I feel like its time for Michigan to cut ties with Brady Hoke. Maybe Harbaugh will be here next year!

Von Lozon: Brady Hoke is a man of good character, integrity, and discipline. He has done his best to try and make Michigan a top football school again. What he wanted just hasn’t happened and he is more than likely going to be fired by seasons end. And he should be. He doesn’t control the game or his team as much as a typical head coach should. He never says whether or not an injured player will play the following game because I simply don’t believe that he knows what is going on with that player(refer to the Shane Morris incident from last weekend.) Dave Brandon, the Athletic Director of Michigan, has to go just as much as Hoke does. Brandon has made a lot of questionable calls in recent memory. The Coca-Cola “marketing failure” was just that. He also basically just threw Hoke under the bus by releasing a statement late last night saying that Morris has a “probable mild concussion.” These poor decisions made by Hoke and Brandon will ultimately lead to their unemployment at the end of the season, if not sooner.

Chad Finley:I think the first thing that needs to be done is to fire David Brandon. He is the Director of Athletics, that means all responsibility falls on him. Right now I do not believe is the time to fire Coach Hoke. Wait until the season ends, unless there is a 100% surety of a high profile coach stepping in immediately. There is no way a top coach will come sit under David Brandon, so let the search begin. I do believe Brady Hoke is a good man and a good coach but what happened with Shane Morris was a huge mistake. A mistake that does call for him losing his job. Not only Brandon and Hoke but whatever medical staff that was involved. Somebody on the medical staff should have seen the symptoms and communicated to the coaching staff but they failed. A breakdown in communication is unacceptable when concerning a players health and safety. The most important thing that needs to be considered is, what is best for The Team.

Tyler Fenwick: Is there a soul on the planet who honestly believes Brady Hoke DESERVES to keep his job at this point? Let’s drop the Michigan attitude and remember that coaching anywhere at any level is a privilege, not a right.

I can deal with losses and head-scratching performances; what I can’t deal with is a head coach who doesn’t have control over his team, consequently leading to issues like the one we saw Saturday with Shane Morris. It was only a matter of time until something of this magnitude happened, and we’re now seeing the very ugly side of this program.

I firmly believe Hoke is a good man, and he wants what is best for Michigan. Had Morris been appropriately pulled from the game against Minnesota, we’re not even talking about this. Instead, it’s all still about what Hoke can still do this season to save his job for one more year. Hoke loves Michigan—I believe he loves those kids. When he moves on and finds another job, I’ll be pulling for him from day one, but his time at Michigan needs to come to an end very soon. That’s just the fact of the matter.

As for Dave Brandon, I don’t even know where to begin. Everyone involved with the program has multiple reasons to be angry with Michigan’s Director of Athletics. An AD works best when he/she is in the shadows, working behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. Brandon defies what it means to be a decent AD, however, as he is constantly looking to build this Michigan “brand” that no one really seems to want.

I sincerely hope Michigan’s board of regents moves swiftly on getting Brandon out of office. That is what’s best for the school and the athletic department right now. It’s time to get him out and move along in the process of rebuilding Michigan. It can’t begin any other way.

David Mormino
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