Petition To Fire Dave Brandon Has Over 7,000 Signatures and Counting

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Dave Brandon will not be the Athletic Director at Michigan after this season, or at least that’s what Michigan students are saying.

There is a student only petition going around at the University of Michigan, and students have jumped on this bandwagon quickly. The signature total has eclipsed seven-thousand view, and no stop is in sight.

Dave Brandon has tarnished the Block M seeming for the last time on Monday, and students are letting their voice be heard loud and clear. They no longer want to see the circus that they call “Michigan football,” nor does anyone one else who closely follows the Wolverines.

No more Coke promotions, no more Groupons, just wins. Michigan used to be a program people waited in like to see play, now people wait in line to go home at the half. It’s not about making money, it’s about protecting your sophomore quarterback, and the rest of his teammates.

David Mormino
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David Mormino is a 23 year old journalist for Graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Previously worked for and MLBAM. Podcast Host on WolverineSounds for The Book of Mormino.