Michigan Denied Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin In 2011

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You know Kevin Sumlin, right? He’s the guy down at Texas A&M who is holding his own in the SEC West—aka the NFL’s ninth division—and is grooming stars like Johnny Manziel and Kenny Hill. Before that, all he did was coach Houston to a 35-17 record through four seasons, including two conference championships. Yeah, that guy—he interviewed for the vacant coaching job at Michigan in 2011. Needless to say, he was turned down.

Why was such a reputable, up-and-coming coach turned away? Simple: He wasn’t a “Michigan Man.” Remember that huge craze where all we wanted as fans was a coach who could bring Michigan back to the good ol’ days? Instead, Dave Brandon hired Brady Hoke from San Diego State. Because Hoke was a Michigan man—a guy who would bring the Wolverines back to national prominence to compete at the highest level of college football.

They say hindsight is 20/20. Can you think of a better example of that?

Here we are in 2014. Sumlin has a new stadium to flaunt, all the talent he could ever ask for, a team that competes and a lofty salary. Hoke has an incredibly average team, talent that seems to be going to waste and a huge controversy currently hanging over his head.

Isn’t that awesome?

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