This Is Why I’m Hesitant To Bash Brady Hoke And Company

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Last Sunday, instead of trying to seek out ridiculous tweets for our (almost) weekly “Twitter Overreactions” series, I snagged a single tweet that intrigued me and addressed it. You can see that here, if you wish. In it, I said it’s our job as fans to remain critical of Michigan and demand more from the team, if not because that’s what you want to see, at least because it’s on par with what the coaching staff publicly says it expects. Our goals should match. However, I didn’t mean to confuse anyone: I am hesitant to criticize Brady Hoke and the rest of the coaching staff.

If you’ve ever played a competitive sport—I’d say at the high school level or above—then you’re well aware of the important relationship shared between the coaches and their players. It is absolutely vital that both parts believe in the other. They need to be able to work well together, grow together, and ultimately succeed together. That is the very essence of what a team is.

So when I see Michigan get beat up by a good Utah team, I try my best to not jump with claws extended toward the coaching staff. It’s so easy to point a finger in every which direction, but how much of it is justified? And maybe more importantly, how much of it is due to our gut instinct to blame anything and everything? I’m trying to pause and think before I jump ship.

When Michigan loses, I get angry. We all get angry. But when Michigan loses, I’m infinitely more worried about what’s going on behind the scenes with the team. What are the coaches saying to their players? What are the players saying to their coaches? Who’s owning up to what? Who’s getting emotional? Until the players begin making it obvious that this whole thing with coach Hoke is not working, I will remain uncritical of the coaching staff in the broad scheme of things.

Sure, I’ll still throw out some sarcasm about play-calling and development, but as far as calling for the heads of these coaches, I won’t do it. I can’t do it until I know it’s deserved, and I’ll only know it’s deserved when the team indicates it is.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Why I’m Hesitant To Bash Brady Hoke And Company

  1. Tyler, so I hope you feel better now having made nice nice with coach Hoke. The fact is all of us who truly love Michigan as you and I do, feel lousy after our Team And Its Coaches get beat. But it all depends on what your used to and how long you’ve been a true blue Michigan fan, alumni and Michigan-der. As for me I see coach Hoke for what he is, a ~.500 MAC coach in both his ability to coach and his intelligence level. He’s not what we need, deserve or were looking for. And remember he was Brandon ‘ s 3-4 choice to replace RR. The answer is clear, Michigan will not be back with Hoke as our coach. We shouldn’t blame him he just took his dream job and just so happens to be one of the highest paid coaches in the B1G and the nation. He’s a lost, and lousy coach who doesn’t ha e a clue about this Team.

  2. So you’re saying u can handle some more losses so u can be convinced. I got news for u and remember where u heard it first. This team is going 4-8 thats with maybe beating Minnesota and Northwestern, and thats a big maybe. Some people are saying 2-10 they might be correct. Im trying to be optimistic and give them 2 more wins. #GoBlue

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