Your Favorite Michigan vs. Notre Dame Moments

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We asked you to tell us what your favorite moments are in the Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry, and you came through with some great stuff. So, as submitted by the fans, these are the greatest moments in the rivalry’s history.

Don’t forget: Michigan will visit South Bend on Saturday night to kick off the final game between these two historic programs for some time to come. Watch on NBC at 7:30 p.m. EST. And as always, we’ll have you covered the entire day.

Yes! Although I’m sensing a little bit of sarcasm with the whole “Heisman” thing, it was still a fantastic game and one the would plant itself towards the front of this great rivalry. Check out the highlights, and relive the chills.

This is what solidified Denard Robinson into my heart, and I’m betting it did the same for you. This was one of those games that leaves an impression with you as a fan of sports, period.

Our own Derek Devine gets into the mix…

And, of course, you have to relive this one as well.

This is probably the most iconic moment in the history of this rivalry, and it’s probably what pops into you head when you think of Michigan vs. Notre Dame.

And finally… This one has to get in here because you know it’s funny.

So there you have it—your favorite moments in the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry, all in anticipation of what’s going to be the final clash between the final clash between these two schools for a while.

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