Brian Greise: ‘I totally expect Shane Morris to start this game today.’

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Brian Greise won a national championship with Michigan in 1997 and now works as an ESPN analyst. Griese says he spoke with Michigan head coach Brady Hoke this morning and now expects a change to be made at quarterback this afternoon against Minnesota.

“I totally expect Shane Morris to start this game today against Minnesota,” Griese said on ESPN’s College GameDay. “I talked with coach Brady Hoke this morning, he said he had a good week of practice, both guys did. Devin Gardner, his confidence has just suffered so much.

“Sometimes as a starting quarterback when everybody’s talking about the team and how bad the offense is, sometimes it’s a benefit to that quarterback to sit on the sidelines and watch a game, get out of the pressure cooker and see what Shane Morris can do. This is not to say that Shane Morris is going to be the silver bullet that fixes all the problems … but maybe you get a spark.”

Gardner has been a disappointment this season at quarterback with five interceptions through four games, and he has failed to lead the Wolverines to the red zone in two full games. Eight quarters of football. 120 minutes. Even though Morris’ numbers aren’t much better, results may be skewed because of the situation/circumstances under which he’s played.

Griese also added:

“It’s very difficult to win football games when you turn it over as much as Michigan has. For the last 40 years, the heart and soul of Michigan has always been their offensive line. And we’ve seen in the last two years, this is an offensive line that’s shaky. I think they’re getting better, but they have so many young players. The combination of that lack of a presence up front, and then Devin Gardner losing some confidence and not seeing the field and turning the ball over has really been the biggest downfall.”

Michigan and Minnesota will kick off today at 3:30 p.m. EST on ABD/ESPN2.

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